1 minute is enough to change the scenario and the emotions

Wed, March 4th, 2020, girls of our batch were watching the boys football match with both excitement and nervousness. Excited because the next match was ours, the very first football match, and nervous because we had no enough practice and most of the girl’s players didn’t even know the rules. So, it was a kind of game on the spot. This blend of emotions (excitement and nervousness) was accruing as the boy’s game was nearer to the end. Around 1min was left to finish the match all of a sudden, all the boys playing the match gathered and started fighting. This fight turned out to be the big one that college published the notice that it will be closed for 10 days.

Through this incident, I was just learning that ‘even 1 min is enough to change the scenario and the emotions’, there came corona flying from country to country coercing each city, town, and village to shut down, confining every human being in their room and here it began the quarantine days.

But being quarantined isn’t that bad, right? Though it’s boring, it has made us all realize how wonderful it is outdoor and at the very time, it aware too that nature is more beautiful and happier without us. Those smoggy roads are pellucid now, rivers and ponds are getting cleaner, the sky is bluer, trees are greener, noisy roads have gone quiet, chirping of birds is sharper, etc, etc and this all is the proof that nature is rousing from the sickness so-called human activities. Sometimes, I feel like COVID 19 is a boon, giving our planet a chance to be free from smoke, dust, chemical and to breathe again. But to humans, I guess its both bane and boon, bane to those who lost their family members and are on the verge of losing them and boon to those who get to spend the quality time with their family after so long.

During this quarantine, a thought popped in my head ‘what if I get infected with this virus and only a few days are left to live’, there strikes the bucket list that I want to do and saw them getting collapsed the way Nau-Talley Dharara got collapsed due to earthquake which I haven’t climbed. Among the list, there are so many things that I could have already done but put those stuff off waiting for the right time to come which hasn’t arrived yet. Now I realize there is no time called ‘right time’.

This lockdown has made us understand that everything can be paused except so-called time cause we know that it never waits. Everything is transient and this COVID-19 will too pass though it might take some time. It just that we have to wait with patience and I guess its the only option left for now. Let’s learn from this lockdown that tomorrow is uncertain, to spend quality times with your loved ones and obviously not to be harsh with nature.

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