10 Interesting Facts About Denmark

1.Fairy Tales

The best-known fairy tales in Denmark were mostly written by the Hans Christian Andersen.
A storyteller who has a god gifted talent to narrate and write the stories reflects his
Christian morals, but mostly his characters were based on the folklore hearing which he
grew up with. Some of his famous fairy tales are A Leaf from the sky, The Little Mermaid,
The Drop Of Water, The Magic book, and many more.

2.Lego Land

Legoland- sociople
Legoland Billund, the original Legoland Park, which was established on June 7, 1968, in
Billund, Denmark. And this Park is located to Denmark’s second busiest airport, Billund
Airport and the original Lego Factory. In the year 2011 over 1.9 million guests visited the
park and till the date, more than 50 million people around a different part of the world have
visited the park. This is the reason which makes Legoland the largest tourist location outside
Copenhagen, Denmark.


Sport in Denmark is diverse. The national sport of Denmark is football. Sport is inspired in
class, and there are local sports clubs in all cities and most towns. Furthermore, the Danish
people are engaged in a lot of sports like Golf, Handball, Basketball, Badminton, Gymnastics
and a lot more.

4.Nobel Peace Prize

The peace prize ribbon (Danish: American state Blå Beretters Fredsprismedalje) was
instituted in 1995 by Queen Margrethe II and should be awarded to any European World
Health Organization has completed a tour of duty on a UN mission and has received a
ribbon for it. The medal memorized the 1988 Nobel Peace prize given to the United Nations
Department of Peacekeeping Operations personnel.


Danish Architecture is world renowned and it is known as the perfect infusion of cutting-
edge design and perfect functionality. Some of the famous examples of Danish Architecture
are The Blue Planet, Danish Maritime Museum, Arne Jacobsen’s Radisson Royal Blu Hotel.

6.Oldest Independent Flag

The flag of Denmark has been officially adopted as the independent flag over 1307 or
earlier. Also, the amazing fact about the Danish flag is it holds the Guinness World Record
for the oldest continuously used national flag.

7.Famous Danes

Many of the Danes have contributed to the entertainment industry worldwide with the
transformation of the culture. Mostly, we hear that Danish is hard to learn which is not. But
the fact is that Danish grammar is a bit hard to learn. Most of the famous Danes are Anders
Fogh Rasmussen(Secretary General of NATO (2009), Former Prime Minister), A.P. Møller
(Mærsk founder), Bille August (Film Director, House Of the Spirits), and a lot more.

8.Danish Cuisines

Danish Cuisine (Dansk køkken) is originated and developed from the enhanced cooking
techniques of a pleasant population of Denmark in 19th Century and become popular due
to the wider availability of goods during and after the Industrial Revolution. The famous
lunch in Denmark is Open Sandwich (smørrebrød) is considered as the national specialty
which is decorated with fine ingredients.

9.Danish Inventions

From the time of the childhood of Dane, they are encouraged to come up with Something
better. Which makes innovation, entrepreneurship a natural part of Danish DNA. Along with
that Danish inventions are recognized worldwide, and the Danish government has good
support to them which led Danes to grew up better and help in the Danish economy.

10.Dog Breeds

On June 11, 2014, the Danish Parliament adopted amendments to the Danish Act on Dogs.
This system is also applied to the tourists who bring their dogs to Denmark. There are
certain rules in Denmark for the owners of dogs which includes good food, accommodation,
healthcare and a lot more. This system helps in making good personality and caring of the
dogs, which makes the lifespan of dogs longer.

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