21 Tips To Build Self-confidence – Simple and Certified


Self-confidence means “Belief in Yourself”. Self-confidence in our life is as important as the fragrance in a flower. Without self-confidence, our life becomes like a living corpse.

No matter how talented a person is, he or she cannot do anything without confidence. Self-confidence is the foundation of success.

Due to a lack of self-confidence, a person doubts the work done by him and gets caught in the web of negative thoughts.

Self-confidence is with the person who is satisfied with himself and who has a strong determination, hard work, perseverance, courage, commitment, etc.

21 Tips To build self-confidence:

  1. Believe in yourself, make goals (SMART goals) and commit to fulfilling them. When you meet or achieve the goals you have made, it increases your self-confidence many times.
  2. Create goals (S.M.A.R.T. Goals) that you can achieve. Because when you make such goals that you cannot fulfill, it reduces your self-confidence and your confidence in yourself decreases. S.M.A.R.T. goals should be
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Realistic
    • Time-Bound
  1. Be Happy, Motivate Yourself, Don’t be unhappy with Failure and learn from it because “Experience always comes from bad experience”
  2. Always do easy work first and hard work later. Because when you do easy tasks first, then the pressure decreases, and confidence increases due to which difficult tasks also become easy.
  3. Think Positive, be polite, and start the day with good work (starting the day with a positive attitude).
  4. Nothing is impossible in this world. The biggest enemy of self-confidence is the “fear of failure” in doing any task and if you want to remove that fear, then do the task in which you are afraid.
  5. Don’t think about what people will think of you: – “What will people say is the biggest disease“. Most people think “what people will think or say about them by doing that task” many times before doing any work and hence they are unable to take any decision and keep thinking and time escapes like water from their hands. Such people always live in fear and regret later. Therefore, do not think too much, do what you think is right, because there will be hardly any work that will be liked by all people together.
  6. Tell the truth, be honest, do not smoke, get connected with nature, do good work, help the needy. Because such actions give you positive power, and wrong actions and bad habits, on the other hand, reduces self-confidence.
  7. Do the work in which you are interested and try to take your career in the same direction in which you are interested.
  8. Look good and improve your Dressing Sense. Do not look at others, wear what you feel comfortable. Buy fewer clothes but buy better ones.
  9. Be tactful and always behave with gentleness and smile. This will not only increase your self-confidence but it will also increase the number of your good friends. Good friends are always ready to help and are always with you in your happiness and sorrow.
  10. Take part in Motivational Seminars, watch television programs or videos that inspire or motivate you, read books, and inspirational articles of Self Improvement and Personal Development. Such inspiring articles and books recharge your mind.
  11. Live in the present because neither we have control over the past nor to the future.
  12. Think Positive, Make Good Friends, Befriend children, and be self-conscious.
  13. Do Meditation, Yoga, and Pranayam. Take time for yourself and spend some time in solitude. Talk to yourself and feel that you are a better person.
  14. Recall and visualize your successes that you can do anything and nothing is impossible for you.
  15. Make a habit of always being tension-free, think creatively, and keep doing something new and creative. Take some time out of the day to listen to music, play, or to do creative work.
  16. Be self-sufficient and try to do your work on your own as much as possible. Your confidence level increases with self-reliance.
  17. Either do not do such work in which your interest is not there, and you cannot give 100% of your interest or else make your interest and best in these works. Because when you do any work without interest, then your self-confidence level falls.
  18. Stop thinking about something that you don’t have control over. “If you become unhappy because of things or situations that are not under your control, then this results in wastage of time and regret of future which decreases your self-confidence.
  19. Commitment: You should stick to your goal and give 100%. With hard work and dedication, the most difficult task becomes easy. If the goal is to be attained, then you have to overcome the obstacles in the middle, you will have to work hard and try again and again.

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The only means of survival for unsuccessful people is that they change their goals in case of trouble.”

If you want to be successful, make a habit of accomplishing your goals rather than changing them again and again. If you are not determined towards your goal, then your self-confidence is sure to fall.

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