5 habits that will ruin your life

Have you exactly planed that I will read this article at this time?

What are the things you do unconsciously, which you don’t plan and just do and become your habit, but you don’t know or don’t realize?

Why am I asking these questions, well because the thing is nowadays people focus more on To-Do lists?

Focus on what habits to do like I have to get up early, go to the gym, read a book. They make a to-do list and do so.

Tim Farris and Brain Tracey who excel in productivity said, “in today’s time you should focus more on the things which you do not do, rather than on things you do.”

And this thing I learned from this,  “If you want to achieve something then you should even focus on that what things you should not do.

If you want to be a bodybuilder, then you have to go to the gym, eat a diet.

By focusing on that focus more on what you should not do; like you should not eat sweets, you should not just be sitting for the entire day.

If you focus more on this, it will be clear how can you achieve your dream life exactly.

So it is very necessary that you understand what you are doing. 

In fact, focus on which old habits you have to remove or replace more than which habits to make.

And there is a simple way to do it.  Whenever you do something ask yourself “did I plan to do this,  do I plan initially to scroll on Instagram for hours?  do I plan to see adult videos or keep using social media,  or eating a lot of junk food, am I planning all these things? 

Well, maximum people don’t plan and do it. They do these things unconsciously that habits slowly become their character, and that character destroys their life.

So again, it is very important to remove such habits from your life as much as possible. because you will never know and these things will destroy your life.

In this article, I am going to share with you 5 such big habits that you must remove from your life as much as possible if you want to move towards your ideal life. 

1. Amature Ego:

The first bad habit is the Amature Ego. 

How many times has it happened, that you were teaching some person some good thing and they said by looking at you that I already know about it?

I know that but the reality is that person doesn’t know about that thing in detail and he would be saying it in ego that he knows.

Look at this ego, ignorance is one of the worst things. until you have an ego in you, you will not try to learn things, and until you won’t learn things how will you develop, how will you understand.

To understand more about ego read: Why stupid people think they are smart.  In which I wrote about the Dunning Truer effect which says, when people get a little information, they feel that they have become an expert. 

They think they know everything but if the same people do a lot of research and study about that topic then they will realize there are many things they didn’t know.

And many times smart people are also very doubtful but the stupid people will be confident that I know everything.

And this all is ego and ignorance, which is the biggest enemy, which will never let you grow ahead.

So you have to keep fighting against it.  I’ll give an example related to this, which happened with my friend.

When my friend was in 12th, he loved physics, he said his other friend and started a quiz.  He said his friend ask me questions and I’ll answer them ok!

When the quiz begin, he started giving answers, then he was asked an easy question but he didn’t know its answer and he said, this is a simple question don’t ask me such questions ask something else, such easy questions will not come in exam.

And next day there was an exam, unfortunately, he got that same easy question the same question which he couldn’t answer last day.

Now the lesson of this simple story is many times your work confidence or your ego will not let you learn things, and you might have to bear the loss.

It’s not just about exams, if you want to move ahead in life you have to accept the simple truth that yes I don’t know many things. If you start doing this you will learn many things.

Look maximum people try to make themselves look great that I know everything, they will be in their ego, delusion. But the reality is 99% of the time you will not know everything in life.

If you are humble and not in ego, you will get the answers to the questions which will solve your problems and will help you move ahead in your life.

You might have not heard this interesting story of Bill Gates. In the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business in the year 2005, there was a Q/A session with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

Where Bill Gates was asked what is the best memory of their college days?

On which he replied that when he came to the college, he had decided that he wanted to look different and stand out from all other students. 

For that, he decided that he will not attend any class of his course but he will attend those classes, which were not in his course.

He kept doing it, which turned into one of the bad habits. When Bill Gates came to learn at Harvard University they showed off that the college doesn’t matter to him.

He didn’t use to do any work, nor attend any classes and was living as a carefree student and in the last moment, just 2 days before exams he used to study and become serious and surprisingly even after reading at the last moment Bill Gates used to score well.

Now when Bill Gates was asked how would he do that he said that at that time he felt he was intelligent than all others.

Reading at the last moment was difficult for many, but he liked doing it as he thought he was intelligent and the surprising thing is he also gets an ‘A’ grade.

Because of this attitude, the professors had given him the tag “the guy who did nothing until the last minute” and because of all these things, everything was going on good in college.

His habit was working, but when he dropped out of college and entered into the business world, then he realized this habit of doing things at the last minute was too bad and how much pain was it giving, this habit was not letting them grow in business.

Then he worked on reversing this habit where he thought doing things last as intelligent after coming into the business, he started being organized just like other classmates where he used to do everything in proper time.

Bill Gates had said that I am still working on it, but procrastination is not a good habit.

2. Procrastination:

The second bad habit is procrastination.

Look, procrastination is a thing that even the big billionaires can’t be away from, dedicated and intelligent people also can’t save themselves from this.

So you have to understand its seriousness and should work on removing it.

Just imagine, if you do that work which you want to do without procrastination health-wise or money-wise, then how much can you grow.

Now obviously, I know doing all these things is very difficult. So here are some books, which will help you to remove this habit and the first habit which I said, there is a good book named “Ego is the Enemy“.

3. Phone before anything:

The third bad habit is the phone before anything.

Mark Zuckerberg was giving an interview with comedian Jeffery Stanfield in which he said that right after getting up in the morning lying on the bed the very first thing which he does is not meditation, drinking water, or going to the bathroom.

Instead what he does is look on the side table where his phone is kept, he picks up his phone, opens Facebook, and starts using it.

Not because he tests some product or something like that instead he just check Facebook, scrolling the feed that what is happening in the world, what are the messages or notifications and he does this thing generally every morning.

In fact, he does this thing uncontrollably many times, He spends more time on Facebook.

He says “that’s probably not my best moments” and feels a lot of regrets.

Look, a billionaire who made that app, feels regret while using his own app, feels bad about using his mobile or Facebook so will this thing be good for you. Obviously NO

According to Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey 43% of people start using their phone within five minutes of getting up, 76% of people start using their phone in 30 minutes and 88% of people start using it in 1 hour.

I am sure that you are also one of them, even I am one of them.

Now if you are thinking about what is bad in using the phone after getting up, well understand this point;  a business analyst and author of ‘Momentum’ Michael McQueen said by using the phone in the morning the level of your productivity will drop for the entire day.

Because using phone or social media dopamine starts releasing in our brain which is liked so much by the brain and if the brain gets dopamine early in the morning when your brain creates a feedback loop which will be hungry to chase that dopamine.

It wants to use the phone again and again and can get that dopamine and addiction is not right for the maximum time.

In fact according to the research of Bryan College, when you use the phone in between your focused task it will give the same effect of not having slept for an entire night.

So we should not take this habit of phone so light and learn to keep ourselves away from it.

I am trying this and will suggest it to you as well. 

4. Zombie Eating:

The fourth bad habit is Zombie Eating.

The C.E.O of Tesla, Elon Musk had recently admitted that he works for 120 hours a week  which means out of 168 hours in a week, he works for 120 hours.

Which is obviously too high, and gives him sleep deprivation. To compensate for that he consumes a lot of caffeinated products.

He says that many times he drinks 7 to 8 coke. In fact, he has an addiction to coffee to focus on work.

He drinks a lot of coffee which makes him over-caffeinated and this thing is not good for him.

Health experts say that by consuming a lot of caffeine, anxiety and stress level increases  which creates a toxic cycle of fatigue and getting out of it becomes difficult.

By this, your sleep gets disturbed and many problems are created

Unknowingly we consume such food and drinks which harms us but we don’t even think about that.

Many times when we eat sweets, we think about what will happen by eating this much sugar,  what will change by drinking soft drinks but these small habits compound and that habit slowly destroys our health.

Which had happened to me and I am fighting against it. 

If parents see children smoking they will scold, beat, and their name gets bad in society but they give the sweets happily.

They force the kids to eat, the reality is there are many problems because of sugar like; diabetes, heart disease, and fat, and many problems are created and literally, people are dying. By saying this I didn’t mean smoking is good, it’s obviously not a good thing.

What I’m trying to tell is eating a bad diet, more sugar, salt, and fat create big diseases and people are dying of it.

It is seen in studies that by eating sugar there are similar types of effects in the brain on eating cocaine but still people don’t understand it, they ignore it which is again not right.

In the coming days, we should focus that we should improve our diet.

We should not eat like zombies but do things consciously.

And there is a quite good book related to this that you must read “Salt Sugar and Fat“.

5. Avoiding Hard Decisions:

The last but not least bad habit is Avoiding hard decisions.

In 2012 in an interview the former President of the US, Barak Obama says to be successful he had to deal with the decision fatigue problem.

Sometimes he didn’t take small decisions that what to eat or wear because he had to take many important decisions in a day and he wanted to preserve their decision-making energy.

Barak Obama says that to be successful he had to fight with an important thing, not having the ability to make decisions.

Whenever it happens that we have the chance of making hard choices or decisions we avoid them.

Even Barak Obama used to do the same. whenever a hard decision came, instead of taking it or thinking about it, he used to run away from it because of which he couldn’t go ahead in life.

When you are a president you will have to take many decisions hard decisions, maybe you need to fire someone, may have to say bad to someone, may be talking to someone with love,  may be you have to work with those whom you don’t like. You have to take decisions like these.

Many times you have to invest your money, many times you have to invest your time, have to meet with people, whom to meet and whom to not meet, how much to invest and how much to not, whom to work with and not to work with, all such hard decisions keep coming in our life.

If we fought with someone, should we talk with them or not, if we want to talk, then how to talk, there are such hard decisions which maximum people don’t take.

They will be just in hope that I will avoid this and things will get right by themselves but it doesn’t happen like that most of the time.

There is a very good book named ‘Crucial Conversation’ in which the author says how should we face hard situations if we want to keep our life good.

Yes if you face a hard situation then your life will get disturbed for the short term, problems will increase but your life will be smooth in long term.

But those who run from decisions, their life will be good in the short term but gets complicated in long term and the same thing was happening with Barak Obama.

Then he decided that he will take hard decisions when he started taking hard decisions, that became the reason he did big work and became a good president.

Similarly, I want you to start making hard decisions in the coming days. At least one hard decision which you have not yet took look at it and face.

This will make you strong and confident and will give the control of your life in your hands.

Now I want you to comment about other bad habits that creates the most positive impact after getting out from your life.

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