How to be a better person – Basics of a better life

Basic tips to be a better person in life.

A better look doesn’t mean a better person but better behavior does mean a better person. And a better person means a better life so, try to wear better behavior along with a positive attitude and always keep on scaling it up. Following are the tips or basics to be a better person:

better person
better person
  • Be a good listener than a good speaker.
  • Be genuine.
  • Smile at others.
  • Help a stranger in need.
  • Laugh with children.
  • Always forgive.
  • Always be happy.
  • Be dutiful to your parents.
  • Encourage others to do better.
  • Always thank others.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Do not use abuse others.
  • Don’t be so rude.
  • Do not take your ego along.
  • Stop faking (do not show off)
  • Try not to hurt anyone and apologize for unintentional happening. 

These are a few of the tips or basic ways to be a better person but besides these tips, there is a thing that matters the most is Being yourself.

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