A Healthy Relationship Is Made Of These Ten Essential Ingredients

Can you have a Healthy Relationship without any squabbles? Hmmm…in my opinion this is indeed challenging! As to my knowledge, humans cannot co-exist without a healthy relationship. So, how do you maintain one? To do this, you really need to put on a thinking cap. Do I require to juggle and have a balance of love, patience, tolerance, understanding, confidence, commitment and self esteem? Or do I have to throw cautions to the wind and say nonchalantly, ” I give up! “

Remember, the vital survival of a Relationship depends on you and these Essential Ingredients:-

  1. Honesty – Basically, it is one of the most vital importance to any relationship. Having a deep and loving honesty between a couple, says it loud and clear. ” You will always know the real me, no matter what happens! ” It is a feeling permitting one to open up to the other in all honesty.
  2. Forgiveness – Simply put, couples who can’t make up, will break up! Without forgiveness, neither is capable to let go off the past.
  3. Communication – We need to learn how to communicate and ride through the storms. Disagreements are part and parcel of every relationships; but to weave through them, partners must learn different ways of communication and to walk in their partner’s shoes.
  4. Trust – Overtime, only will trust deepen. If you were able to trust each other, then you don’t have to deal with suspicions and insecurities. You are able to speak freely knowing your partner trust and love you for it.
  5. Time apart (Space) – As humans, we need to have our own space which is healthy to do so. Initially, couples are inseparable which is a norm. As time goes by, both have different interests, hobbies and pursuits to help correlate their partnership.
  6. Friendship – This is important to sustain a relationship. Both must rely on each other as true and sincere friends–not only as lovers. We are aware that when the passion wanes, the reality is…that it’s the bond of friendship that keeps people together in any circumstances.
  7. Monogamy – Being one of the founding elements of all marriages, you can’t have trust and honesty–if there is no Monogamy!
  8. Similar values – When making major decisions in life, both have to be in unison to agree. Happy couples are those who learn to agree about financial issues and how to raise their children.
  9. Patience – If you have the patience, you will undoubtedly have the tolerance to cope with each other’s issues and imperfections, with understanding. Then you will have the bond to bind you through the rough and tough times. Marriages don’t simply end because of problems. They break up because both parties quit trying–to solve those problems out!
  10. Passion is another essential ingredient to sustain each other in love. Whilst the tide may ebb and flow with time, your genuine passion for each other–is at the heart and soul of a long, lasting healthy relationship!

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