Be Different To Make Difference

Every human in this world is talented and have potential to do anything according to their desire. No one is perfect cause imperfectness is the real beauty on us. Every individual should know what uniqueness is in you.

different - Bhaskar Pant

There is a saying “If you’re not fashionable for what you want then you’re murdering yourself each and every day”. Life isn’t all about entertaining our self, it’s about creating a new version of your life in the future. We used to take examples of successful people who drive their own rule by knowing their inner potential but we don’t recognize our own potential. Therefore, we are unable to find a real kind of happiness cause happiness depends upon us not everyone else. So never lie to yourself and stop acting extraordinarily. Extraordinary for what we want, for what we do in our daily life, for what we becoming for?

Stop acting like others:

To reach our destination (Achievement) we should not follow others’ believes but we should follow our own thoughts and believes. Because it never lies with us and we will never fall in the illusion of dreams rather we accomplish them. To live happily, you should live yourself without being everyone else. Many people act like someone who is successful enough. Because that gives them attention from their friends, fake fame, a little bit of happiness. But do you know what, it spoils your uniqueness and your long-term happiness too. So, stop acting like others.

Everyone in this world just running for their daily needs even they are forgetting their self. Why we do so?

It is due to fake life and fake happiness. Stop behaving like the successful rather build a base that will make you successful for real.

Life is like flowing water, we see water flows continuously every time wherever you see, it never stops. We can relate it with our life, it flows and flows till our death. We can’t do anything to pause it but we have a choice to do something right that leads our wrong way to a better way.

Be different by Bhaskar Pant
Be different

So, have dreams and guts to achieve it. Never scare what is going to happen with you. If you don’t take the risk then you missed up your true dream. Stop being the optimist and start making yourself an inspiration.

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