Children's Sermons – An Educational and Fun Adam & Eve Sunday School Lesson

It can be difficult coming up with fresh and exciting children's sermons you're your children's ministry class. This Adam and Eve Sunday school lesson is one more lesson you can incorporate with your present curriculum.

Adam and Eve Bible Activity

This lesson starts out with a game. Bring a traffic light prop to class and hold it up to your children's ministry class. Ask them is they know what the prop is, and then ask them to explain to you what the red, yellow, and green lights are for. Now explain that traffic lights are there for drivers to know when to stop, slow down, or go. They're good rules that help to keep us safe.

Now it's time for the game! You'll only want to spend about five minutes on this Bible activity. Have your students line up at the end of the room. Explain that when you say "Green light," they should walk slowly towards you. When you say, "Red light," they need to stop immediately. If they don't stop, they need to start over.

Connecting the Game to the Sunday School Lesson

Explain to the class that like traffic rules are meant to keep us safe, God's rules are also meant for our safety. Now it's time to transition to the children's sermon about God's first children and how they did follow the rules. Read the verses from the Bible and wrap up by saying that we, just like Adam and Eve, can never make it by ourselves to God because we always sin.

Now explain to the children's ministry class that this is why God brought Jesus to us: to die on the cross and pay for our sins so that we can become one with God again.

Hand out four pieces of paper (black, red, white, and green) to each student. During this Bible activity, you'll walk your students through the Adam and Eve Sunday school lesson. The black piece of paper represents Adam and Eve sinning in the garden as well as our own sins. The red paper symbolizes the blood that Jesus shed to save our souls. The white paper shows that if we accept Jesus into our hearts and turn away from sins, our heart can be made clean again. Finally, green represents our love for Jesus growing more each and every day while we pray, study the Bible, and learn more about Christianity.

Children's sermons such as this one are necessary for any children's ministry curriculum.

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