Climbing Mountain-The perfect example of success

Our inner desire is more powerful than our thoughts. Every person wants to be successful and renowned one. But the fact is he/she won’t due to their excuses, efforts, less valuing of the time or anything else. As we all know that being successful is not an incident. And also we can explain the term success by the example of climbing mountains.

Climbing mountain

Climbing mountains

We all are very clear that climbing a mountain is a tough job and not everyone could do it. It doesn’t mean nobody couldn’t do it, it just means that we have to face faces lots of problems during climbing like:

  • Natural disaster
  • Physical weakness
  • Shortage of oxygen and many more
Many obstacles are there during climbing

If we ask a climber about his struggle while climbing he will tell hundreds of obstacles that he faced. He will tell you how his journey starts and how long it has taken time to climb a mountain. During climbing, he was thinking about that feeling after reaching the top of it. and finally, after facing tons of obstacles he reached the top and the feeling, the view he had was not explained by a particular word. If he had given up where he faced problems, he will never get this feeling and that view. As said

“There are Tons of problems or obstacles that oppose us from climbing up. but finally, when we face all these and reach on the top the view from there will be the amazing and worth your struggle.”

obstacles while climbing

This is not just a quote about climbing and reaching on the top but also gives a very big brief of our life. We want to be successful but we don’t want to face problems or obstacles. When we are making an important decision for our life, we don’t think about the obstacles that we have to face in the future. And when we got problems we give up and this is the main cause of being unsuccessful. Like a climber never stops climbing even if he faces lots of obstacles and reach to the top. Likewise, we should not stop when there are problems we have to face it and overcome.

The enjoyment, the feel, and the view from top

And as the feel of reaching on top of a mountain is awesome, The feel of getting what we wised for is more amazing. And then you’ll realize that the obstacles are not problems rather strength that made you an achiever.

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