Curiosity – The Desire To Explore the Unknown

We are born explorers, empty vessels, curious and fascinated by the world around us. It is human nature. Once our basic needs (physiological needs, safety needs, our need for love, belonging, and esteem) are satisfied – we come to the need of self-actualization.

Learning. Curiosity. Creativity. Knowledge.

My bet is, if you’re interested in exploring persuasion, you’ve got most of your base needs met and you’re working on this higher level where you constantly hunger for more. You desire to stretch and expand your intellectual boundaries and I am here to tell you, you’re in exactly the right place.

Persuasion is about much more than selling something and when you understand what I tell you next, you will find the good things in life – all you ever wanted – just fall into your lap.

If we’re living right, we’re using persuasion in all facets of life. We parent using persuasion. We build relationships using persuasion. We deal with setbacks using persuasion (possibly by reframing the ‘setback’ as a ‘challenge’).

We engage in the world using these tools to open doors, to free ourselves of previous limitations, to take control of our lives.

We are explorers of this exclusive body of knowledge; persuasion pioneers, if you will.

If you’re already involved with me, you know exactly what I am talking about. But if you’re new to this world, it’s difficult to explain the feeling you will get, the power surge you’ll experience when your confidence level skyrockets and the opportunities in life that once seemed unattainable will begin to fall in your lap.

Scientists know all about DNA now. It’s all mapped out. They understand its strains.

What does it tell us? It tells us that we are very, very predictable organisms. For my taste, it makes things a bit too predictable, too mathematical. All of us – our lives, drives, inner selves, dreams, even how successful we’ll be – can be mapped out.

I don’t particularly like the thought of that, personally, because I always thought I was more complex than that. But even that need of mine – the need to feel different, or special, or whatever it is – can be mapped out.

As persuasion pioneers, this information is invaluable. The predictability of human nature is absolute gold. It’s the key to selling anything to anybody, anytime.

If we understand in terms of sales that the affluent, for example, have different triggers than others, (perhaps because of their heightened ability to acquire), then once we get their criteria we can combine it with predictable patterns of the affluent.

Then we can combine that with our agenda (product, service, etc.), resulting in an alchemy of persuasion that is almost impossible to resist.

Once I turned my attention to studying persuasion instead of just sales training, I discovered constantly unfolding insights everyday. These insights have been instrumental in helping me to find my life’s purpose and to feel in control of my life instead of feeling like I’m just being swept along the river of life. You can have this enlightened feeling too.

It is my absolute joy and pleasure in life to lead this exploration into sometimes charted, sometimes uncharted, territory. Together we will map out the persuasion universe.

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