Explore Palermo – The Eclectic Capital of Sicily

Renting one of the many fabulous villas in Sicily will offer an excellent base from which to explore this fascinating Italian island. Book with a recommended company and you will be able to choose from a range of authentic villas, carefully selected for their comfort, location and potential. There are villas in Sicily located all over the island and where you stay really depends on what your holiday priorities are and how you want to fill your time.

For those who love to explore the more vibrant side on life on their holidays, the capital city of Palermo is definitely worth a visit. With its energetic atmosphere, bustling streets and harmonious combination of ancient architecture and post-war disarray, Palermo might lack the allure of Florence and the beauty of Venice but it does intrigue and inspire all who take the time to visit.

Spend a Day in Palermo

There is no doubt this city will touch you in many ways, and if you are staying in one of the villas in Sicily located close by it is worth spending a couple days here exploring. Its confidence and unpretentious ambience are testament to the years of invasions and raids it has endured through the passages of time, and it is this aspect that makes the city so endearing.

A great way to really experience the atmosphere of the city is to take a leisurely walk along Via Vittorio Emanuele, starting from the Palazzo dei Normanni, the stunning Norman palace (and the seat of the government), and head towards La Cala. Along your route you will pass glorious churches, each built in a different style depending on which conqueror was in power at the time. There is evidence of Norman, Arab and Byzantine influence. You will also pass the Quattro Canti, or Four Corners, where the two main streets of the city intersect.

Fancy a snack to replenish your sightseeing energy? Then you simply must try one of the famous cannoli. These deep fried cones, filled with soft, creamy ricotta are sublime, and the ones in Palermo far outshine those found in other Italian regions. Many locals say they allow room for at least one of these every day!

As with most Italian cities, Palermo has a huge cathedral that dominates the square it sits in and is a huge attraction to visitors. The Normans built the cathedral in the 1100s, but with the arrival of the Goths and the Spaniards its facades were altered and its overall style changed greatly. A Neapolitan architect also played his part in effecting a change on the building and, as you gaze at the front of the cathedral, it is easy to see the different styles; many argue this mish-mash of styles doesn’t create a perfect cohesion, but it certainly makes for an interesting and unique structure.

Stay in one of the villas in Sicily close to Palermo and you will find yourself wanting to come and visit the city more than once. A morning trip to Monreale, an evening at the Teatro Massimo where the last scenes of the Godfather trilogy were filmed, and a visit to the Catacombs are all worth fitting into your stay in the region.

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