Explore the Benefits of Going Vegan

Veganism is much more than not eating anything that has blood running through its veins or a living being with a mother. There are many that choose to be vegan out of compassion for animals and that is a personal choice. Veganism is full of misconception and myth, because someone surviving on just potato chips and diet soda is also considered to be following a vegan diet, but can it be considered healthy? It's all about healthy choices and more people are opting for this lifestyle for the numerous health benefits that it provides.

On an average vegans are reported to have low rates of obesity and weigh around 5 to 20 percent less than people who consume meat. Along with low BMI (body mass index) vegans also have the advantage of reduced risk of serious diseases like type II diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. This is not all, a vegan's diet comprises of an increased intake of fruit and vegetables which can lower the chances of certain cancer, especially colon cancer. A vegan diet claims to provide much more vigor and younger looking skin. One cannot accurately ascertain these claims are true, but there are certainly many scientifically proven benefits to a vegan diet compared to a meat eating diet. This has helped the diet gain popularity among celebrities

People who claim that meat and other dairy products are the only source of protein are not completely right. If a vegan diet is well planned, it could provide all the nutrients; rich in protein, iron, vitamins and other minerals. Plant based diets are packed with high fiber, anti-oxidants and low in saturated fats. Too much animal protein can eventually strain your kidneys and may even turn into just fat deposits.

Did you know that generally on an average someone who weighs around 63 kilos (140 pounds) should only include 50 grams of protein every day. For a vegan, that can easily come from a cup of lentils, spinach or other soy products. Moreover, a vegan diet is much more economical and it is centered on nuts, seeds, legumes and grains which are relatively cheaper.

Apart from the numerous health benefits, turning vegan can do wonders for the planet. The meat industry and other animal products are responsible for 20 percent of man-made pollution. Our environment needs to pay a heavy price as a meat based diet leads to species extinction, habitat loss and deforestation. It is also contributes to malnutrition, as more and more land is used to grow cash crops for the purpose of feeding animals rather than food for the human population.

By just changing the ingredients in your plate, you can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and also a better environment. Making the switch to veganism is easy and effective in ways you can never think of. Talk to our diet and nutrition experts to know why and how you can switch to a vegan diet.

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