Faces do not shine with cream-powder but with ability

A farmer spends his entire life in teaching his children and without even saying uff. This is one such story for you to understand that faces do not shine with cream-powder, but with ability.

Somebody has said something amazing that the “faces do not shine with cream-powder, but with ability.”

This story is about a boy named Alex. Who went from village to city for an interview. He had already filled the form for the job, he went inside the office where the interview was being done.

He was asked a lot of questions!

Those who were interviewing asked the boy what did your father do?

Alex replied that my father is a farmer.

Then the interviewer asked, “Have you ever helped your father by going to the farm?”

Do you have any knowledge about the crops in the field and have you ever thought to help them?

On this, Alex replied that no… I had thought and wanted to know but maybe my father did not want me to do so. So, he never let me know about the farm nor did he ever let me go there.

He wanted me to concentrate only on studies.

After hearing all this, the interviewer said that today you go to your village and look at your father’s hands and feet, and come again tomorrow.

Alex came out and start thinking that they called me tomorrow, this means that they have put me on the job.

Thinking all this, Alex takes sweets in the village and gives this good news to his family and tells his father that he has called me tomorrow, I have got the selection, dad you eat sweets.

After this, Alex suddenly remembers that the interviewer had said to come looking at his father’s hands and feet.

He immediately asked his father to show him the arms and legs, but the father did not want him to see his hands and feet.

In front of the son’s stubbornness, he had to show his hands and feet. Father’s hands and feet were torn from place to place. His hands and feet became hard due to working in the field.

Faces do not shine with cream-powder
Farmers’ Feet

When Alex saw all this, he had tears in his eyes.

He then realized that his father had worked so hard and taught him so much and brought him here.

After that the boy sat all night with his father and talked a lot.

The next morning he again came to give an interview, the interviewer asked, you spoke to your father, saw his hands and feet, what did you understand?

What did you feel yesterday?

So Alex said that yesterday I understood the importance of relationship, how much sacrifice has to be made, in teaching our loved ones.

When he was speaking all these things, the interviewer said that I wanted this quality in my manager.

Now you have probably become the right person.

This short story teaches us that it is very important to have good parents in life and if we have got this treasure then we should respect and honor our parents.

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