Germany Off the Beaten Path: Explore Hanover and Bremen

Explore Hanover, Germany

If you're thinking about a vacation in Germany, a trip to Hanover may be just what you're looking for! Located in north central Germany, Hanover is home to all kinds of interesting attractions. Although much of the city was destroyed in WWII, most of it has been rebuilt. Today visitors flock to places like the Royal Gardens, the State Opera House, and the large Market Church, located in the Old Town. The Hanover Zoo is one of the best in all of Europe, and is a must visit if you're spending any time in the city.

Once you've seen enough of Hanover, it's easy to take a venture out into the surrounding area! It's centralized location makes it a great place if you're looking to visit any of the nearby cities, like Wunstorf, and the relaxing Steinhuder Meer National Park. Maybe you will want to head over to Braunschweig and check out one of Germany's most interesting buildings, the creative expressionist Rizzi-Haus. No matter where you're headed, you are sure to discover that Hanover is truly one of Germany's most underrated cities.

Take a Look at Bremen, Germany

Bremen is another fantastic less-traveled German city. It's no surprise that travelers from all over the world flock to Bremen year round for various activities, festivals and events. One must visit location is the Old Town portion of the city. The Market Square is filled with all kinds of old gothic buildings. There you will find a statue of the cities protector, "Roland" that is over 600 years old. Wine enthusiasts will want to check out the Ratskeller, which is home to the twelve oldest wines in the world, stored in their original barrels, from 1653. One fun idea after a few glasses is to stroll over to the Rhododendron-Park Bremen, which is home to beautiful gardens, streams, and lawns.

From Bremen, you have easy access to many of Germany's coastal cities. Places like Wangerland, offer ocean side views, access to delicious local seafood, and ferry ports to the scenic islands off the northern coast, like Spiekeroog. Of course you could also head south, and visit Hanover, for some world class theater. Wherever you're going, Bremen is a great location to make your home base during your next vacation in Germany.

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