Google And Its Top Services


Google is not just a search engine it is an unbeatable, replaceable, smart mind on the internet. When you have any doubt about anything you can easily get information about it on google. You just have to search for your doubt and all the information will be in front of your computer/mobile screen. Google has given us many services to the users you can use for free. Here are the top five services provided by Google.

Google Services

google services

Out of hundreds of services here are only 5 that you should use for your benefits.

1> Gmail

google services

It is an electronic-mail service provided to the peoples by Google. Here you can make your own email account on Gmail and use it for your purpose. You can use Gmail on the web, on iOS and on Android smartphones by downloading Gmail application.

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2> YouTube

google services

This is the service where you can watch all kind of videos and also if you are a video creator then you can earn through YouTube. For this, you have to create your channel on it and start uploading your own videos. Then you have to link your YouTube channel with Adsense after that ads will start coming and you can earn through it. But it is not that easy to earn, YouTube has its own criteria of payment and linking Adsense.

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Google Adsense is an advertisement service. Using Adsense you can promote your business, brands, etc on the internet where billions of users were active every time. Here not only you can advertise but you can earn so a lot through it. All You Tubers are earning millions a month by just using Adsense.

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google services

Drive is a file storage service for users. In drive you can store files like text, pdf, videos, presentations, photos audios, etc. Firstly you get fifteen (15 GB) of storage for free on your drive account. This is the safest method of storing your data. And the data stored in drive is not for a while but forever. You can easily download your files from drive anytime and anywhere.

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5>Google Pay

google services

It is an online payment system or wallet. You can easily receive and send money through it. It is one of the best service which is for free. Here first, you have to download the G Pay Application on your android smartphone or iOS. And you have to link/connect your bank account on which you want to receive or send your payment.

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