Guide to Explore Burning Steppes Achievement

Getting the Explore Burning Steppes World of Warcraft achievement is pretty easy because all of the necessary points of exploration are located around the outer rim of the zone. If you start in the southeast corner, where you will be deposited from the Blackrock Pass out of Redridge Mountains, the route is relatively straightforward!

Explore Burning Steppes Guide

Start out at Blackrock Pass (77,70) and then go north past Morgan’s Vigil (80,62),and then further north until you reach Terror Wing Path (90,52). You will need to go back south a bit to get around to the Dreadmaul Rock (76,43), and then directly west until you reach the Ruins of Thaurissan (65,40). Continue west from here until you reach the Blackrock Stronghold (40,33) and then on to Blackrock Mountain (29,36), located just a few more ticks to the west.

In the northwest corner is the Altar of Storms (17,29), located on top of the mountain there. Take note that it will require some climbing to reach. The last two points are in the southern part of the map and include Drac’dar (23,66) and the Pillar of Ash (48,54). These two points can be reached by a straight shot southeast from the Altar of Storms.

Though there are not too many points to explore in the Burning Steppes, you will find that it could take more than 30 minutes to get this WoW achievement because of the sheer size of the zone and also the number of rock formations you’ll need to skirt your way around. Morgan’s Vigil needs to be watched out for if you are a Horde player due to the number of hostile Alliance NPCs in the area. Good luck!

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