Hard Work and Success

Our life or future depends on the present, that what we do in our present will give the result to the future.



When we talk about target the first thing that comes in our mind is a success or well-settled lifestyle. But how many of we know that how to achieve or get success in our life? maybe few of us knows, but why?



Success is not instant happening with a small piece of work. But success is what we achieve after lots of hard work with dedication and patience. And maximum people don’t like to do hard work patiently. That is the biggest reason for being unsuccessful.

Hard Work


Let us talk about hard work, hard work is not just a word but it’s a key of success and biggest step towards achieving dreams that we had seen. No one will be able to get anything without hard work, dedication, and patience.

The person in the video below is just an example. There are thousands of people living independent (or self-dependent) at the physically disabled condition. While physically fit and fine peoples are bagging in streets or other places. Many physically disabled people are trying their level best to become self-dependent and to compete with physically normal people. They are are not just surviving their lives but also supporting their families financially too.

We can take an example of Nick Vujicic, he is one of the greatest personality (Motivational speaker)  in the world. he doesn’t have hands and legs but his success is out of our imaginations. He became an inspiration to many peoples.



Similarly, the person in this video is from Bhutan and he is physically disabled. He can not work by his hands cause his hands were paralyzed but he decided that he can not ask their family for anything he wants so that he worked hard with dedication. And now instead of his weakness (disability), he made himself a great artist. No one could ever imagine that a person can create such beautiful objects with his legs but he had made it.  And this is real respect.

He deserves a respectful salute…

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