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Healthy Relationship/Intimacy

Healthy relationships make it possible for both parties to feel supported and linked but still feel separate. COMMUNICATION and BOUNDARIES are the two main components of a healthy relationship. At the end of the day, the two people in the relationship decide what is healthy for them and what is not. If something doesn’t feel right, you should be free to voice your questions to your partner. Here are some basic traits of a healthy relationship/ intimacy

healthy relationship

  • Understanding that you are not completed by your partner- this has to stem from you. You must be enough, for you, first, alone.
  • Valuing and honoring the need for personal space, autonomy, and privacy. this is not the same as being purposefully deceptive, nor secretive.
  • remaining true to-and respecting one another’s need for self-care.
  • Both of the partners are Reliable, show genuine Empathy.
  • Both partners are able to make mistakes but grow from them with understanding and an open heart.
  • Willingness to discuss difficult emotions and feelings.
  • Both partners recommitted to the Exploration, Boundaries, Pleasure, and Health of Sexual Intimacy.
  • Both partners follow through commitments.
  • Promotes growth and Evolution.
  • Understanding your partner’s past and Psychologically Triggers.
  • Willingness and vulnerable with one another
  • Encourages interdependence: Partners who recognize the value of emotional intimacy and vulnerability, but respects one another’s core values and autonomy.
  • Both partners remain committed to self-awareness and Personal Responsibility.
  • Being emotionally attune.
  • Compromise
  • Both partners practice acceptance and forgiveness
  • and understanding that happiness is not the responsibility of the other partner. Happiness starts with the individual.

Healthy relationship

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