How Life’s Going happy? What makes a happy life

Meaning of life or the core concept of life has never been easy for anyone to understand. Life is a beautiful journey, starting with the beautiful mistakes that we make and leading us to a more confident and strong person, is it? whereas I have even seen the people who were on a very good pace at the starting and messed with time.

So, for me, I would love to see life as the journey of experiences where good, bad, disaster, blessings everything is there according to the requirements of the story.

From, my personal experience life always has something to give you. Like if you are into some trouble there are always some helping hands or a way to come out. Of course, there are some exceptions. But at that bad times, the only thing that helps you is the belief in time that fixes everything and self-care for yourself.

If you ask me what’s the ultimate way of being happy in life then my straight answer will be understanding the simple fact, that we will never be happy is the key to happiness. Because the state of happiness is never the same. There is no such defined condition of being happy. What you think could make you happy may not be the thing that makes you happy. You might find happiness in doing such a thing that you could never even think of.

So the best way is to keep jumping into new things that fascinate you even a little, you never know what your x-factor is.

This reminds me of a very strong story:

Once there was a young girl she was a normal civilian. She’s beautiful and always use to think that the people inside the King’s palace are so happy and fulfilled in every aspect.

They have every reason to be happy they can eat whatever they want, they always have people around for protection, they can wear whatever ornaments, the jewelry they like. She always consistently use to dream about everything and it was so engrossing for her to even imagine herself there.

One day luckily she was encountered by the prince and he immediately fell in love with her.

When the prince expressed the love and feelings that he had with her she was amazed and can’t believe that this is happening.

Soon she accepted the proposal and entered the dream palace as the new princess now she has got everything that she could have ever thought of even more.

But the happiness didn’t last more than a month on that palace. She started feeling like she is being kept in the palace.

The place which was very cool looking fancy from outside i.e (Palace) was like a prison for her now. All the palace securities and the luxury items were worthless after a very few periods of time.

She was confused and again the same question was in her mind this is what I always wanted my whole life now

Why I am not Happy?

What do you think will we be happy if we achieve what’s on our mind right now.

No, it never works that way at least from this much experience of my life what I have realized is that never pursue happiness.

Just go and explore do your Karma right and let the divine energy drive you. ‚Äč

Always live life in a way that makes you happy and never forget if you are happy people around you will always too.

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