How Romantic Quotes and Sad Love Quotes Can Help You

Love is a many splendid thing or love sinks, depending upon which radio station you're listening to.

Really good sad love quotes can help you reflect on your emotions, and help you to build up your life again after a divorce or break up. Romantic quotes are also a good way to motivate yourself to appreciate the finer aspects of love, even if you are suffering from the sting that love can create.

Let me give you some examples of love quotes and romantic quotes.

Let's say for example that you're feeling morose because you have recently separated from a lover.

Consider this quote:

"Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation."

-Kahlil Gibran

How powerful of a quote is that?

It is perhaps one of the best ways to sum up how you feel and make it more understandable to you as you experience your grief. That's the main benefit that love quotes and romantic quotes offer.

There is no doubt that it is very sad to love someone who no longer loves you. This means that you have to use all the opportunities and resources at your disposal to help you through this tough time.

Many people are surprised when I suggest reading sad love quotes and romantic quotes as a way to help lessen the burden.

But it makes sense.

Psychologists have long ago discovered that when someone is feeling sad, they go through five different stages of grief:

The first stage of grief is denial.

In this case, you deny the fact that you and your lover have separated.

The second stage is anger.

In this case you may curse your lover for being so dumb or inconsiderate.

The third stage is bargaining.

Here, you may attempt to reconcile by making a deal with your former lover to promise to behave differently or to pay them more attention.

The four stage is depression, where you are frustrated, pity yourself and you feel hopeless.

The fifth stage is acceptance – this is where you understand that things are the way that they are, and you move on.

Romantic quotes and sad love quotes help you through getting passed the depression stage and into the acceptance stage. When you're depressed, you may find it frustrating to express yourself. That's what these quotes will help you to do.

And the better you understand how you feel, the quicker you can accept the situation and move on.

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