How to Get a Divine Inspiration – A Kingdoms of Camelot Guide

Kingdoms of Camelot is a challenging, multiplayer game that takes place in the age of King Arthur. You may build cities, grow fields, raise armies and join alliances of other players. The application developers did a very nice job of creating tutorials for new players in the form of “walk-through” quests.

You can raise all of your buildings, walls, and field resources to level nine as long as you have the resources to build them; however, you may raise them to level ten if you are lucky enough to find a Divine Inspiration. This rare item can only be gathered a few ways..

First, you may win it through the Merlin’s Magic Tokens. You should expect a 1% chance of success in getting this rare item through the tokens. Second, you can buy gems. You may redeem gems for a Divine Inspiration, or a chest containing several of them.

Once you have a Divine Inspiration, you must make a choice on how to use it. There are a few buildings that will benefit you and your alliance greatly if you upgrade them first. Upgrading your castle will help your resource gathering and production. Upgrading the Alchemy Lab will give you research benefits. Upgrading your walls will give you extra defense if you are engaged in PvP action.

Make sure you join an alliance early in the game. Not only will you meet other players, you will be able to help them research and building. That, in turn, will give you a daily chance to participate in Merlin’s Magic Tokens.

Good Luck!

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