How To Keep A Man Happy – 3 Relationship Keys Which Will Make A Man Always Want To Stay By Your Side

Men are very logical in nature, while women are very emotional in nature. This odd pairing can make it very difficult to sustain a happy relationship, because it often spells disaster. You see, most men do not understand women, and most women do not understand men. Yet, we always expect the relationship to work out, and we want the best results… when we don’t even know anything about how the other person works!

But never forget, we can never get what we want, if we don’t even understand how it works… And even if we did get what we wanted, it’s impossible to keep it afloat, if we don’t understand how to do that. This is where it is very important to go beyond the level of assumption, and to actually learn what it is that a man thinks, and why.

Once you learn that, you will always be able to predict him, and UNDERSTAND him, so that you can make him happy in the end. In fact, you will find that men are pretty straight forward and easy to work with once you understand why they do what they do, and what works for them. In fact, these 3 relationship keys will show you exactly how to keep a man happy, so much so… that he won’t want to leave your side:

Don’t Constantly Show Your Instinctive Desire To Get Commitment From Him – You want a relationship, and you want commitment. But letting him know that won’t keep him happy… because now he starts worrying about being trapped, and stuck. Instead, keep your instincts for a committed relationship at bay… don’t impress those goals on him. Doing such makes him feel like he needs to change your mind, as if he needs to make you commit to him.

This in effect, causes him to feel like you are a real keeper, because you are making him feel like he needs to seek your approval, which in turn leads him to directly be affected by you… what happens then, is he learns to become happy based on how you react to him. The less easy you are, the unhappier he becomes, because he takes you for granted. The more of a chase you put on, the happier he feels, because he starts to view you as a high quality gem, that he feels he MUST have… and thus enjoys the chase and commitment toward you.

Make Your Own Life – You want to be with him, and you want HIM to be your new life; BUT, doing such only makes him feel like there is nothing more to you. Put it this way, if you constantly had to talk about yourself, and the topic in any conversation you will ever have for the next year was just YOU alone… wouldn’t you grow bored? You already know yourself, you have been living in your body this entire time…so why would you always want everything to be about yourself?

The same applies here for men, they don’t want to only have the discussion be about them, and how you want your life to BE them. They, instead, want to hear about YOU, what you want to do. Men are natural problem solvers, and logical thinkers; which means they want to hear your plans, your goals, your dreams…what you are working toward. They are happiest when the challenge is not something they already know (themselves), but rather something new, something different… which should be you, and YOUR life.

So set goals, take part in activities outside of him, and you will find him feeling very attracted and interested in you, because now you present him with a whole new person to learn about and tackle…rather than just reminding him about himself.

Use The Trickle Effect– As a woman, you want to share EVERYTHING. That is how you get an emotional release, and it’s how you feel heard and understood, and it is how you connect. BUT, when you tell a guy everything, especially all early on, you cause him to grow bored easily. It is not challenging or interesting for a guy to have every little detail about you, automatically handed to him.

YES, he is interested, but you don’t even give him the chance to ask you about it, or show that interest, because you automatically reveal everything. Sure, you want him to know you, and know everything, and you want to share it all with him; but it’s not helping him when you give him little to wonder about, nothing to ever want to know more about… and no leeway to want more from you, because it is always handed out so easily.

This is where you use the trickle effect, which means leaking information bit by bit, and giving him a chance to ask, and learn at his own pace… and helping him keep his interest up. This makes him happy by giving him something to work toward, and helping him feel like there is more to you, rather than growing bored because he feels he knows it all.

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