How to love ourselves and why?

What is love?

Different people have different perceptions about love and which completely is fine. People say this is love, that is love but the exact definition of love is never explained and will never be.

Different people have different mindsets, situations they are in, surrounding they live in and that is what changes the meaning of love for them.

If you ask me what is love? I will say love is care, love is trust, love is freedom and all these three terms are interrelated.

The reason I am saying this is once we truly care for anyone we love, it builds trust and when there’s is trust there will be freedom.

But this is not the question here, the question is how to love ourselves or myself?

How to love ourselves?

Before we get into how to love ourselves we must understand why is it important to love ourselves?

In our daily life from waking up to going to sleep we do different works and we need energy and willingness for the same.

But how do we get that willingness and positive energy?

This comes from self-love. If we love ourselves and our doing, we give our best and the result also comes the best. If we do not love what we are doing then we cannot give our best and the result will also be not so good.

Again another question that arises here is how to love what we do?

As the question is simple the answer must be simpler. So, to love what we do, we need to look for the moments in the work that makes us laugh.

Let me explain why and how?. Laughing makes positive hormones active and we feel good and our willingness also increases and we can give our 100%.

And to find laughing moments we can listen to a joke or can imagine the people, thing or anything in front of you in a funny perspective. If there is a person in front of you, imagine as funny as you can.

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