Inspiration Leads to Success – How to Find Inspiration

Inspiration is key to staying on track toward your success. Inspiration is the fuel that will power you through the lows that come your way more often than you want. We are after all human and our brains have a safety mechanism called doubt that will tell us to stop when we are challenged to push past our comfort zone. Doubt leads to limiting beliefs. Even going deeper than doubt is the fear of rejection and ultimately, failure.

I have in my own life been caught in the tramp of becoming risk adverse. I have been through a business failure early in my life. I was publicly fired from a CEO Position just two years later. For the record I sued for wrongful dismissal and won. That is a very liberating experience but the strain of going through that process is not for the faint of heart. I then bought in to another business, that like the office products business was in decline. My timing was awful. I was able to get out of that deal with some wounds but still above ground. I have been involved in three other business since and two have had happy endings. What did I learn from these experiences?

  • I learned just how much the human mind and body can take when facing adversity.
  • I learned we do become wiser as we grow older.
  • I came to realize that some times we give up on a goal before we should.
  • I learned that some times we need to move on and cut the losses.
  • I have come to learn that value of patience.

What does all this have to do with inspiration? Well it’s a part of my story. I have never given up of my quest to be successful. I have found success in many aspects of my life. I have been lucky to have the burning desire to succeed from an early stage in my life. Those personality traits come from being the grandson and son of two successful families. But how does someone with out that back ground get inspired? I suggest you Google, Best Motivational Books and Best motivational Speeches. There is an amazing amount of material for you to use to help get you inspired. It’s all at your finger tips. Once you have made the decision you need more success in your life, you will need to do the following things.

  • Create a purpose for doing this and write it down.
  • You will need meaningful goals with time lines.(not just a to do list)
  • You at the very least need to find several books to read that will both inspire and be educational.
  • You need to find a mentor. Some one you can emulate.
  • Read something every day that will inspire you.
  • You must adapt an abundance mindset. There is lots to go around.
  • Read something motivational before you go to sleep. You will wake up inspired.
  • Spend more time with motivated people. It’s contagious.

Opportunity has a never ending supply. It is available to all who attempt to step outside their comfort zone and live the life of their dreams. We some times need a boost to stay inspired. All those tools are available at your finger tips at little or no cost. There is no good reason on this green earth that you can not do this for yourself. You are your biggest asset. Your body and your mind are full of resources that can take you to levels you never dreamed possible.

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