Life Direction – How To Use Traffic Signs to Guide The Highway Of Your Life

Have you ever noticed the signs that are posted along the roads? They are placed at strategic points along the way so that we will pay attention to what is ahead, give us direction and with the safety of all in mind. We can apply these road signs to our life to give us direction on our own journey.

Stop 2 way: When your relationships are in trouble, stop, look and listen. Both parties have to take a look at what each are contributing to the problem and the solution. Learn more about yourself and your partner, boss, family member or co-worker with whom you are having a conflict. Be open and keep the lines of communication open as well.

Bridge out: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Be creative and explore other ways to meet your goal. Enjoy the change of scenery.

Speed limit: Slow down! Go with the flow! Sometimes we don’t even know that we are traveling at a fast speed. Keep to the speed limit set by the masters. The guidance from experts will give you the keys to getting to the destination. Remember to keep up the pace and don’t slow up. The people who are getting to their destination don’t get there by letting everyone else get in front of them.

Biohazard: Toxic chemicals fill our air, land, sea and bodies. Start coalitions to rid the planet of toxic waste. Educate your community to stop polluting storm drains which empty into our streams and rivers. Do periodic liver and body cleanses. Eat more organic foods` fresh fruit and vegetables.

Do not block intersection: Sometimes we need reminding to get ourselves and other obstacles out of the way of our progress. Work on improving yourself and let go of any baggage you are carrying from your childhood, parents, past lives or any current abusive relationship. When the path is clear, it will be smooth sailing.

No Standing or Stopping: Don’t slow down when things get tough, calm down. Keep moving and keep your goals insight. The more you wait to get the brass ring, the more your spirit will become weak. Keep your spirit alive and keep moving forward. If you are not moving forward, you will loose sight of your goals and dreams.

Wrong way: Be aware of the trouble signs. The best way to stay on the right track and avoid failure is follow the directions. If it smells like, tastes like, or looks like trouble, don’t go there. Going the wrong direction can be destructive and disastrous.

Dead End: When a door closes, a window of opportunity opens. Either that or you get to see what you are missing. Explore all the options. Take a look at things you’ve always wanted to do. Find your passion and set your energies in that direction. Soon you’ll see a whole new set of goals ahead and you will find new energy to reach them. New doors will be opening

Do dumping under penalty of law: Stop complaining! Get rid of all negativity in your life. There is no room for any hatred, doubt, or question. Know yourself and make a resolution to be grateful for all that you have. The more you hold on to the crap, the greater the chance for getting ill and bringing chaos into your life. When you let go of all the crap, there is plenty of room for abundance, good health and success.

Drug free zone: Just say no! Stay healthy and be conscious of what you are putting in your body. Add yourself to your health care team and make decisions along with the other team members. The more you understand about your body, the better you can keep it healthy. Become active in your up keep and “overhaul” of your body when it needs healing.

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