Life is all about experience

Life is all about experience:

If you ask me what life is all about? I will always answer life is all about the experience. Everyone came here in this world not only to exist but to leave their footprints to history. We all are different versions. Everyone is a gift of the creator. You are here for a special task. You are valuable and not here to sit in a small room or burden yourself for anything for the rest of your life.

You must know your interest on and you must push yourself on every day for going through whatever you want to be. Believe in yourself and boost yourself with positiveness and meditate every morning. How many times you have faced up and down after all its about journey which must go on. We human beings are so much power, just to know our power first.we have taken time for ourselves for a minute every single day.


Life is all about the experience
Life is all about experience

“A DREAM reflects calmness and peace in itself.” Every human have a dream, someone has a small dream or someone has a big dream even its not matter what type of dream and how big dream and small dream you have. Only thing matters that is we have a dream and we have to live with it.

Don’t panic about your upgoing situations it’s not for the long term, you must stand strong for doing a big miracle in your life. Don’t fear to see a dream, dream which makes our life alive, interesting, and peaceful. One day you will tell the world that “my name is…..” by your dream. The dream reflects who we are, what kind of capabilities we are made up of, how much especial we all are.

Dream leads us on that high of peak likewise dreams failure leads us restless, frustrated, and depressed too. Everything happens for reason you know that, whenever you are facing this type of stuff don’t lose yourself. In our daily routine, we face a lot of problems which makes our life so dizzy, stressful.

You know that whats advantage beside this stuff you have to learn to fight for yourself and regenerate new energy inner us and you feel very relief inside us. Only seeking happiness does not make us so happy in life. We must face many up and down along these you must have the courage and belief about your task because if you fail for doing it you must be the focus on another boost task.


Life is all about the experience
Life is all about experience

Life is all about the journey, You have always a new day of adventure yourself. The most important gift of life is what you have done best yourself. Every day, you wake up and do your work by your heart or unheard but you have to complete it on time after day is over. Think, if you do your work by all your heart everyday what will gonna happening.we all ate gifts on this planet.

We should sparkle, bloom on every step, and must be. But due to overthinking and negative thoughts, the stressful day we forget ourselves like who we really are?? What we are made for?? What are our likes and dislikes?

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What’s our purpose to be here and many more things. You know there is one saying is”you never die until your purpose hasn’t completed by creator”.we born and die one day this is a fact of our life besides this we all forget this and too much on our daily schedule.

I don’t know why we all make us so much busy which is really no matter in the end. Yea we all do mistakes and also learn from it which is the best part of life. Life is all consequences of last breathe and what you have at that moment.

So don’t take your life so easily for others, live for yourself and for your dream. Don’t give up on your dream. Fight for it until your last breath. Give wings to your dream and see what miracle is going to happen in your life.

At last live your life fully whatever you have. Enjoy your every sorrow, mistakes, dim day. Always keep hope inside you and i know one day you will fix yourself soon

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