Love and Heartbroken Quotes – Top 5

I’m sure all of you have favourite quotes. There are literally tons out there. Some are perfect. Others are not so good. This article will focus specifically on quotes for the heartbroken. I’ve listed 5 top quotes and why I like them. Up next will be an article about 5 terrible heartbreak quotes, so look out for it.

  1. “Sometimes the memories are worth the pain.” – Being resentful towards your ex is pointless, no matter what they did. Why spend all that emotional energy resenting them or regretting the relationship? I’m sure you’ve had some amazing times with your ex and you’ll never lose those memories. Would you give them up to stop the pain? Sure, you may want to now. But when you’re over it, you’ll look back and smile.
  2. “There were reasons we met, reasons for the good times and reasons for the bad times, and most importantly a reason to end. We have more to learn, more to experience and more loving to do in this lifetime.” – Don’t worry about the past. All you’re doing is suffering. You can’t change it, no matter how much you wish you can. Thank them for the good times, learn from the bad times, and try your best in the next relationship. You might feel like your ex is the only one for you, but that will change as life goes on. I’ve felt like this for a lot of girls over the years. If you can feel like this for one person, you’ll feel it again for another; maybe even stronger.
  3. “There’s only one reason a man dumps you; he doesn’t want you.” – Has your ex ever said “We can be friends?”, “I’m not good enough for you” and all the other nonsense? They’re just excuses. If your lover wants you; you’ll be with them. You’d sacrifice nearly anything to be with them, so why don’t they feel the same way? You can still win them back by changing yourself, but don’t buy into the cowardly “reasons” for why they can’t be with you.
  4. “I am in love with the man I can’t have and I have the man I can’t love.” – Not so much a quote for the broken-hearted, but nevertheless an important one. If you’re trying to win your ex back, remember this quote. If your ex knows they can have you anytime they want, they won’t be interested. Why would they be? You’re not a challenge. Don’t be the guy or girl anyone can get, and don’t cave in the second your ex phones or shows interest. Be patient and show them that you don’t need them.
  5. “It seems to me the harder I try the harder I fall.” – If you want your ex back, don’t focus on them; focus on yourself. If your goal lies within the boundaries of your ex’s mind, and your goal is to “make them want you again”, you will fail; you don’t have any element of control over their mind. However, if you set your goal within something you can control (yourself, for example) you may be able to succeed. Focus on making yourself more attractive and chances are your ex will come back naturally. Even if they don’t, you’ll be attracting members of the opposite sex who may turn out even better.

Some of these may seem negative on the outset, but they teach you a powerful lesson; don’t whine and cry to your ex and expect them to come running. You can get your ex back by changing yourself and learning how to become irresistible to them.

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