Motivation Quotes – Give Yourself A Pep Talk!

Of what help can motivational quotes be to you in your quest to succeed in fulfilling your life purpose?

As I look back on the way that I have used such quotes, I conclude that the short, fleeting moments when I make a decision in reaction to some stimulus have often shaped the way my life has turned out on a much larger scale.

I confess, these moments that been greatly benefited by the wise motivational words of the many great people who have traveled the journey before me. Here are a few inspiring quotes that I use frequently:

I enjoy Sir Winston Churchill’s famous quote, “Success is going from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm.” This is a shot of reality that reminds me that even though my wildest dreams have me succeeding at everything first time, reality is seldom the same way. I know that I must fight over and over before I can obtain the things I want; and that requires a constant renewal of energy. This quote reminds me that to lose energy and give in to defeat is to turn my back on the success that I am seeking.

Another quote (source unknown) states “ask not that the journey be easy, ask instead that it be worth it.” I find this particularly inspiring as I work my way around large obstacles that stand between me and whatever goal I am pursuing. I often visualize that as much effort as I invest up front is as much reward as I will receive on the backend. This view allows me to face the really tough challenges with a secret smile in anticipation of what is sure to follow.

My favorite quote comes from Dr. Maxwell Maltz and states, “Self image sets the boundaries of all individual achievement.” This statement shows me that I decide how much I accomplish as well as how much I do not. It keeps me on my toes and forces me to censor my thoughts, never allowing me to dwell on a negative thought for long. This quote reminds me that if I do not believe I can do a thing, I definitely can’t. So, I choose to believe I can, then act in accordance.

If you haven’t already, find your own motivational quotes that you can memorize for those pressing times when you need them. Your reaction to times of difficulty dictates the outcomes of your life more than you may know. If you can change your reactions, you can change your life.

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