No Thru Traffic Signs Prevent Private Property Short Cuts

Cutting through private property to avoid a traffic jam or signal or a no-left-turn intersection may seem like a way to shave a few seconds off the time it takes to get to work or home, but it is a dangerous practice that endangers the property and lives of those already on the premises. Most frequently, “rat running,” the name giving to taking such shortcuts, is done by impatient, over-anxious drivers who are already stressed enough to cause an accident. Throw in unsuspecting pedestrians or other drivers and the risk of injury to property or people is greatly increased. Posting “PRIVATE ROAD NO THRU TRAFFIC” signs is one way to discourage this hazardous behavior.

In virtually every municipality it is against the law to cut through the parking lot of a mall, a gas station, convenience store or down a private residential road to avoid a traffic signal device. Fines and points against the offender’s license are usually levied-when the guilty party is actually caught in the act. However, every community has those drivers who will take such short cuts and their success inspires others to do the same. One way to deter this recklessness is to post official signs that warn drivers to think twice before plowing through.

By purchasing “PRIVATE ROAD NO THRU TRAFFIC” signs that match the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) guidelines, owners are able to exercise some control over who is driving in this area. Strictly speaking, anyone who does not have at least one destination point along a stretch of private road is considered to be trespassing. Endangering the lives and property of others is another matter. Clearly marked signs forbidding cutting through traffic at least imply legal action, and that in itself maybe enough to dissuade some hurried drivers.

No Thru Traffic signs are available in professional, heavy-grade aluminum identical to those used by government agencies. They are chemical-resistant, heat-resistant, rust-resistant and not easily vandalized or bent. Manufactured to last at least 10 years, these signs wear the reflective backgrounds required by new codes. They are plainly visible during all hours of the day and night. The printing is large and clearly readable from a variety of angles. Even the stoke and spacing is chosen for maximum legibility and recognition.

Cleaned and degreased, No Thru Traffic signs have rounded edges to avoid injury in handling. They are also pre-hole punched at standard spaces for ease of mounting. Complete with a manufacturer guarantee, these warning signs remind drivers to think before rat running through private property just to save time. They also suggest that law enforcement will be monitoring and ticketing.

Keeping speeding, reckless drivers out of a business parking lot or private road is important for both owners, customers and/or fellow residents. If an accident can be prevented by posting a warning, a No Thru Traffic sign is a good investment.

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