Diwali with Social Distancing

Diwali with Social Distancing: Diwali 2020 is right at the doors of our house, and the question that arises is “Are we ready to bring in the festival of lights?”. Diwali is a great festival of Hindu people which is celebrated to get the victory of light over darkness. It is a festival when all […]

Why social distancing is not important?

Why Social Distancing Is Not Important? As the covid19 is going on it is very important to maintain the social distance. Social distancing means the physical distance or keeping a safe distance between yourself and other people. During this pandemic, it’s compulsory to keep social distance but in the absence of covid19, it is worthless. […]

Is Hand Sanitizer Toxic?

Is Hand Sanitizer Toxic? As we all know very well that at this juncture of modern life we are everywhere surrounded by viruses, germs, etc. Hence, sanitization plays an important role in our livelihood. But as there is a saying “everything has its merits and demerits “, hand sanitizers also have some disadvantages causing health […]

You just need to unlock your potential

Unlock your potential: A lazy man lived in a village. He did not do any work. Just kept sitting down all day thinking that somehow I could get something to eat. One day he wandered and reached a mango orchard. There were many trees laden with juicy mangoes. Seeing the juicy mango, his mouth became […]

One last try: A Short Motivational Story

One Last Try Story: One last try: Once upon a time. A majestic king ruled in a state. One day a foreign visitor came to his court and presented a beautiful stone gift to the king. The king was very happy to see that stone. He decided to build an idol of Lord Vishnu from […]

Faces do not shine with cream-powder but with ability

A farmer spends his entire life in teaching his children and without even saying uff. This is one such story for you to understand that faces do not shine with cream-powder, but with ability. Somebody has said something amazing that the “faces do not shine with cream-powder, but with ability.” This story is about a […]

Why love is so complicated?

What is love: Love is so complicated so keep your heart safe, it is very fragile. Some small things and incidents leave a deep impact on it. To keep a precious stone joined, a layer of gold and silver has to be given. In the same way, the layer of knowledge and wisdom keeps your […]

21 Tips To Build Self-confidence – Simple and Certified

Introduction: Self-confidence means “Belief in Yourself”. Self-confidence in our life is as important as the fragrance in a flower. Without self-confidence, our life becomes like a living corpse. No matter how talented a person is, he or she cannot do anything without confidence. Self-confidence is the foundation of success. Due to a lack of self-confidence, […]

5 Golden Rules of Success – A new start

Time in our life: In life, we have only 3500 days (9 years and 6 months) for ourselves! The World Bank has made this assessment assuming the average age of a person is 78 years, according to which we have only 9 years and 6 months for ourselves. According to this assessment, on average a […]

The secret to hugging children

They do not like much pressure while hugging the child. The children come to know that they are hugging parents or strangers. This has been revealed in research by Japanese researchers. Researchers at Toho University in their research have tried to know what is the way to give children a perfect hug. Detected by sensors, […]