Please don’t f*** up the culture !

What is culture?


Customs and ritualistic behaviours which ultimately harnesses our wellbeing and gives us a unique recognition in our civil society. It is the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group. Also, it is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or an organization.

How are the cultures built up?

Cultures Built Up

The regular activities in certain fashion being practiced whether it is the way we dress up, or the way we greet each other or the way we attribute our actions for mother nature. Some of the trends or customs are young but some have ancient ties which may go back to medieval time. In today’s digital world if we cover our body with leaves or animal skin it wouldn’t fit the description but thousands of years ago that was the only way to put up with reality. Regardless of the era ancient or modern the thought process of presenting your true identity and representing it repeatedly becomes a culture.

Why are the cultures breaking down?

A Tradition in Gujarat

Inheritance of certain trends and habitual actions which is being performed on daily basis, some may attach their beliefs within this dilemma which results into change of dress code, greeting, sharing food and mingling with same thoughtfulness crowd. Ancient trends are being instinctively removed due to old methods and habits. The practices which were once the pride of a certain group or civilization are now considered outdated or old fashioned and in this race of being modernized we have made some terrible mistakes.

Why is culture so Important?

If one is being asked to describe his/her connectivity with society, one wouldn’t hesitate to brag about their colorful festivals, rich historic relevance, the pride of being called something. The true importance is not in the way we think we should conduct ourselves but the thoughtfulness of your true presentation. You live your values and belief system to navigate through the thick and thin because being opposed for who you are is quite common where your identity may clash with someone else’s identity. Your pride may not happen to exist and especially when you are not even able to elaborate why and how your certain values are predominately stolen from someone’s else’s values or belief system.

Don’t fuck up the culture!

Our ancestors have bestowed their values and liveliness upon us and taught us how to live our lives in any situation. When we celebrate a birthday, or wedding ceremony, or farewell party we get together and share the same values because without sharing those values we wouldn’t find any other reason to be thankful for and there is no concept of being aware of our true identity if we don’t appreciate what we have. When we don’t attach ourselves with a certain group of people because they don’t dress the way we do, or because they don’t celebrate any occasion the way we celebrate them or because of the language they speak is different or because of their different skin color is wrong and ignorant. Just because we don’t understand someone else’s culture and uniqueness doesn’t make them less valuable or evil. When we post hatred on social media when we oppose a different culture or identity for being different from us it creates a vacuum which sucks in every meaningful reason to express themselves for who they are in their pure form.

We are all responsible for our actions and when we are being ignorant towards other cultures we are basically shutting down the beauty of learning a unique identity. Stop screwing around, don’t push anything or anyone to an extent where he/she doesn’t give a shit anymore, to your surprise you may never know what the other person could be capable of. Stop fucking around with other people’s culture and uniqueness, if you can’t value it don’t fuck up the culture either. Sometimes because of our ignorance and hatred we not only lose the only chance to know and experience the beauty of surrounding cultures we live in but we also create another stereotype for others like who fuel hatred because of their own ignorance and less or no knowledge at all. We should be aware of such incidents and we have to be present minded and active to confront such assholes in our society and take immediate action without any hesitation or mercy for such culprits.

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