Social Needs of Babies

Did you know that babies too have their social needs, like adults? Yes they do. No matter what status we have in society, we all have basic needs and babies are no exemption. We have physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs. To know more about these needs, read this article below.

Human beings have social needs that should be met by forming relationships with other individuals to achieve sense of acceptance and sense of belonging. These needs by met by forming relationships with colleagues and friends.

Like adults, babies too need food, safety, love, attention and interaction. They also need security, friendship and companionship.

Since parents are the first individuals they met and where they get their social needs, it is important for parents to interact with them regularly to expose them to social skills. Despite your busy and hectic schedules, you should find time to make them feel wanted and loved.

Since babies mimic your moves. It is best that you should act and serve as their raw models. Be careful with your actions, words and moves because they usually emulate your actions, no matter how positive or negative it maybe.

Urge your friends and family members to act and to be sociable with your baby to help develop their social skills and teach them how to recognize the different kinds of interactions.

To boost their social development and vocabulary, you should interact with them since childbirth, you can talk to them and say new words. To break the ice and help them find new friends at school, you should let them wear cool baby clothes. Because these clothes bring them comfort, they can socialize and make friends with other children. The more diverse people they met, the more socially developed children they become, further boosting their social growth.

To find the right friends and peers, it is best that you monitor their social interactions to choose suitable individuals for them. Because their brain can easily absorb anything, make sure that your child has positive and right interaction to help grow and become the right person to be proud of.

Other tips on how you can develop your child's social skills:

  • Social setting – You should expose your child to many social settings. You can take him out often and change your daily routine so he can see change of scenery. By doing so, he will be stimulated and be excited to see new environment, voices and places. You can also bring him to the recreation center, the store or parent-baby exercise class.
  • Playgroup – Find a suitable parent / playgroup that you can join. By doing so, babies would enjoy watching other children interact with their old and new friends. You also give them the chance to take part in a large group. Bringing him to more social settings further broadens his social world.
  • You can have him sit at the dinner table so he can socialize with other member of the family and have the chance to become part of a larger group.

By following the suggestions and tips mentioned above, you can help your baby develop his social skills and met his social needs.

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