Socialism Isn't Sustainable Or Scalable

Sometimes I wonder if I am going to be able to keep myself from laughing every time I hear the word sustainable. The reason is simple, each time I hear this word I think to myself that someone is trying to convince me of something, and all too often if you listen to what they say, and follow the actions and logic of their argument you will note that what they are calling sustainable is anything but. If we look at the laws of physics and entropy we know that nothing is truly sustainable, and therefore the word itself is an oxymoron perhaps. Okay so, let's talk about all this for second shall we?

The reason I want to bring up this point is I've heard this term used mostly by socialists and utopia builders coming from the left leading political spectrum. They talk a lot about sustainability of our environment, our climate, our economy, and just about everything else from education, transportation, distribution, communication, currency, military, health care, and energy. Every time I turn around I see that word, it may indeed be the most overused word currently in the mass media in the English language.

Apparently, if you use the word it shows that you are educated, and you must be smart for bringing that into the conversation or your point of view in an argument. But alas, you aren't fooling everyone, especially those who know little bit about what you're talking about. For instance, socialism is not sustainable, in fact every nation which has turned to socialism as its method of operation has eventually failed (cite: history). In fact, even the socialist nations right now are in the midst of failing. The more socialist they become, the quicker their demise – would you like some examples?


And even some that are only semi-socialist, or have the advantage of having raw materials, or something in an abundance to sell such as oil, bananas, or natural resources are only as strong as the thirst of their population for more free stuff, and the ability of their leaders to hold rule of law without giving away their national treasury. Some say that socialism is sustainable in nations like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and other Nordic countries which are for the most part homogeneous. I disagree. And if you look at their economies, and the size of their population, it's only a matter of time until they fail as well.

Many would say I am too harsh, and those who believe in socialism will jump up and down and scream that capitalism isn't sustainable. Sure it is, unless of course you introduce socialism into the picture and corrupt free markets with crony capitalism, something that socialists are known for as they try to hijack the flow of capital, currency, labor, and resources. In fact, if the United States stays on our current course it won’t be sustainable either – socialism never is, and no one is going to be let off the hook for pretending that somehow; "this time is different," because it's not.

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