Struggle in Europe for Asians

Life starts with struggle and ends in the struggle. People from all over the world try to migrate to Europe because of its beauty and a good living standard. Getting a visa for the Asian people in Europe is very hard for some countries. It’s an explanation for the people of Asia who don’t really know how the struggle starts and never ends in Europe.

Struggle in Europe


Asians are pouring over into Europe with an unpredictable pace and within two decades. The Asian population in their own Asian countries will drop dramatically. Eventually, the mixture of traditional varieties among communities will transform into a new social norm which may or may not impact the next generation. But it will be difficult to determine whether the next generation happens to be productive and more responsible or just yet another device addicted junkies.

Struggle in Europe


Asians in specific go through hell during their initial phase of stay in Europe, there are several barriers. Which are quite common such as language, cultural difference, weather, etc. Most of the Asians are either less literate or completely illiterate but they are physically strong because they choose the hard-labor jobs. They find it difficult to use toilets because in the West (Europe) toilet papers or rolls are commonly used instead of water.

Struggle in Europe


In simple terms being an Asian is a gift. But sometimes the people vulnerable when they can’t improvise in their starting phase when they first arrive in Europe. they barely accommodate themselves in a foreign country. An ironically this vulnerability is the only long-lasting element which not only makes the Asian stronger in survival but gives them a temporary opportunity to choose a permanent solution to their needs. This new lifestyle which the Asians adopt here in Europe at least pays well when they finally understand grooming themselves in this modern Era. Nevertheless, the disproportionate amount ofstruggling in Europe has its pros and cons comparatively in any other societyhowever the pride the Asian get when they get the European identity is still adilemma.

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