The Difference Between Success and Luck

All too often we hear someone wish us luck and some folks really wish they wouldn't; but do you know why? Well, it is really simple, someone who refuses to lose or take second place is a real winner. They will not accept defeat nor will they imagine anything but first place. Wishing them luck is silly, because although luck is always nice to have, well they rely on their instincts, training, talents and abilities, not luck.

Luck is indeed a wonderful thing and anyone would be wise to take all they can get. But when you wish someone good luck who is really working hard to make it happen, it is almost as if you are saying that any success they may have had is luck. I always wish those who blaze the field with past, present and obvious future success in their endeavors; I wish them: Continued Success!

When you wish someone continued success you are acknowledging these things. When you wish them luck it is like saying any success they may have achieved is simply due to luck? But is that really fair; are they simply lucky? In wishing them luck you are indeed implying that they are just lucky and that they need luck to be successful.

Now, I certainly know an awfully lot of successful people, perhaps it is the circles I travel, but I do not believe a single one of them needs luck in their past, present or future. Be a wiser person, wish them; Continued Success next time because wishing someone luck is a little bit offensive quite frankly. Consider all this in 2006.

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