The Mysticism and Ecstasy of Creativity – Channeling Your Creative Energy and Inspiration

As we become more developed in our knowledge about channeling creative energy, we discover that creativity flows from two chakras in the body. One chakra from which creativity flows is the “Throat Chakra,” but creativity also flows from the “Sacral Chakra” – the same chakra from which our sensuality flows. With this evidence, it is apparent that creativity is not only a mystical experience but also an experience that brings great ecstasy.

Now to say that the flow of creativity and inspiration is a mystical and ecstatic experience may seem salacious; it seems salacious because it is. Creativity is always sensual and salacious even as it edifies and enlightens us.

In fact, many of us right now are craving a way to channel our creativity in a positive and productive method which stirs this mysticism and ecstasy. We can feel the psychic touch of our creativity as it flows and stimulates us within our Soul. Each time we are stimulated, it appears that we learn something more about ourselves and the Universe we live in.

This stimulation is called inspiration. The flow of inspiration reminds us of our spirit. It reminds us that we are more than flesh and bone. Yes, you can say it is a “metaphysical” experience. It is metaphysical because it is “beyond” the physical. And it is when we choose to create in a realm beyond the physical that we discover our true and highest potential.

Furthermore, as we channel creative energy through us we feel a sense of joy and accomplishment. And our purpose here on Earth is to experience joy with purpose. Joy with purpose allows us to remain in a state of happiness rather than desperately pursuing happiness only for it to elude us.

Again, as Divine Beings, it is through the flow of inspiration that we remember our spirit or the essence of our true and authentic self. As we stir and stimulate our creativity, we reach beyond the physical and tap into the field of infinite possibilities. When we tap into this powerful field within ourselves, we experience ecstasy as creative energy flows. And at the end and the beginning of the day, all we want is to experience bliss, let our passion grow, and let inspiration flow.

Yes, when inspiration flows and the ecstasy of creative energy is ignited, it is mystical. It seems as if we have gone beyond the limitations of our physical environment and reached the cosmos. It feels this way because this is exactly what is happening.

Do you have to be an artist, thespian, great singer, writer, or sculptor to experience the ecstasy and mysticism of creative energy and inspiration? Not necessarily. You can experience the ecstasy and mysticism of creativity and inspiration simply by living an inspired life.

When we live an inspired life, we allow the Creative Spirit to move us. We take inspired action as it is present to us. We become available to ever-increasing good. We become a vessel through which inspiration flows. This means letting go of the ego and practicing our spiritual work such as meditation, prayer, yoga, visioning, journaling, and creative visualization. As we commit to such spiritual work, the flow begins, the ecstasy erupts and we experience the mysticism of inspiration and creativity.

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