The secret to hugging children

They do not like much pressure while hugging the child. The children come to know that they are hugging parents or strangers. This has been revealed in research by Japanese researchers. Researchers at Toho University in their research have tried to know what is the way to give children a perfect hug.

Detected by sensors, heartbeat and children’s reaction

Researchers hug babies to understand this. Put sensors in the hands of the hugging person so that the pressure on the children can be recorded. During this, the infants’ heartbeat was monitored. When I saw the reaction of the children, it was found that they do not like to hug with more pressure. They like to hug with moderate pressure.

Unknown woman doesn’t like hugging

According to research published in the journal Cell, the researchers saw the effect of hugging the child for 20 seconds because they could be upset by hugging it for longer. The research revealed that a 125-day-old child likes to hug his parents more than other unborn women as they hold him in arms with moderate pressure.

Parents and children feel happy when they hug

During the hug, both the child and the parent feel a kind of happiness and peace. Researchers say that while doing this, oxytocin hormone is released, but the hug time is very short, so the hormone does not show much effect.

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