The Secrets of Happy Marriage Revealed!

The secrets of happy marriage are not really that underground and hard to find but the implementation of such actions and how to apply them to your own unique situation is something that not often talked about. Every marriage is very different and faces their own unique set of challenges that can threaten not only your happiness but also the entire stability of the family unit and the strong bonds of love and trust that have formed. This does not need to be the case though when trying to have a happy marriage because if you understand a few simple marriage tips and what they actually do fro you and your spouse you can turn an unhappy marriage into a happy one or just tweak a good marriage into a better one!


Hardly a day goes by when you may hear that good communication is the key to a happy marriage but do you really understand what that means? Many simply think that by not immediately dismissing your spouse’s point of view or switching off when listening is all that is needed. These are things you need to do of course but the point of good communication is two fold. It does the obvious job of making two people connect and understand what each other are saying so that problems can be discussed and solutions can be found. It also has a dual function of breeding EMPATHY and LOVE not through what is being said but also by HOW it is being said and HOW we listen!


By far the most important part of communication is listening. Again for two purposes. One: to hear and understand what they are saying WITHOUT interrupting or making assumptions. Listen all the way through and never assume you know everything your partner is going to say as it is rude and disrespectful. Two: To show empathy, to do the simplest thing in the world which is giving your partner your undivided attention for just a few minutes even if what they are saying is not the most important thing of not something you have any clue about. The act of listening is a gift of love.

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