The Unforgatable memories of a classroom


Either you are in a school or college the one thing you’ll never forget about is the classroom. It is the place where you met new friends for the first time. You have spent your initial years of life (teenage) mostly in school. So you somehow love the class where you always sit with your crazy friends.


We Always Miss:

Sitting in last benches and starting the unnecessary conversations

When we are in school we love to sit in the last benches with our crazy friends and start our own discussion.

Bunking Classes

Although we were afraid of our teachers we search the ways to bunk classes.

Asking Stupid Questions

Sitting on the last bench we always find a stupid question to ask our teacher.


Giving a Nickname to Teachers

In school, we have our own names for teachers and not a good name but a silly name.

These are just a few things we do in school but we had done lots of stupid activities. And as past time never comes back likewise these days will also never come.

Please comment below your stupid activities in school..

Traffic rules and road accidents.

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