Traffic and road safety rules to know before going on the road

Traffic rules are imposed by the government for the safety of people. Traffic rules are very important for road safety. It is important for everyone to follow traffic rules. The traffic signals help the smooth movement of the vehicle. Breaking the rules is very harmful led to traffic problems.

Importance of traffic rules:

Traffic rules are not made by the government for earning money. It is for the protection of drivers and all citizens. Traffic rules are the most important to make the roads free of hustle and bustle from the traffic and other things. It is necessary that rules are to be followed by each and every citizen. Rules regulate the work and help it move along the desired path. Every country has its own road safety rules and regulations for the best interest of citizens.

Road Safety Rules:

Whenever riding a scooter, a motorbike, or even a bicycle, make sure you wear a helmet. When you are changing lanes, overtaking the other vehicle, or taking turns, always use a turn indicator or signals to make fellow drivers know about your turn. Make it a rule to never take more than one passenger with you on your two-wheeler. Keeping one’s eyes on the roads is very important. People nowadays have gotten accustomed to using cell phones while driving. We shall use the horn only at essential circumstances. Horn must. be used with care and must not be a cause of noise pollution. Always follow the police officer’s direction and traffic signals.


Traffic rules are very important on the roads on which we drive our vehicles. without its proper usage, we can expect to face lots of traffic jams, slow driving lanes, and worse than any of these, a car accident. Each hour a human life gets lost in a road accident in different countries. If the drivers drive according to the traffic rules, they can save those lives and make it easier for the new drivers to feel less intimated by driving on the roads.

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