Understanding Employee Motivation and Workload Management

Are your employees happy with their jobs? Does your company have a high level of employee motivation?

Employee motivation is the drive that an individual brings to his/her job, often times seen through his/her commitment and enthusiasm. This motivation is composed of both internal and external factors.

  • Internal motivation is when one does things for a sense of personal satisfaction.
  • External motivation is when obtaining rewards, such as money, public recognition, a promotion, etc, are the reasons behind one’s actions.

Both factors work together to determine one’s total level of employee motivation.

A company that has a high level of employee motivation will see a more efficient workforce, where the employees are more engaged and will therefore produce better work, think of more creative solutions, and overall, be more satisfied with their jobs.

Sometimes, problems with employee motivation are easy to see- employees are slacking off and not utilizing their time properly. However, this is not always the case. They may be overworked or overstressed. Their motivation is low because they just cannot seem to keep up with the work that they have.

Some signs that your employees need better workload management include:

  • Consistently looking tired
  • No signs of significant progress on work within a reasonable time period
  • Frustration with new tasks
  • Increased paperwork around them that does not get done

*Do note though, that there is a difference between working very hard but still not being able to complete the assigned work and procrastinating and simply wasting time.

If these and additional signs are seen on a continuous basis, it may be time to get involved and address this because it may not as simple as an issue of time management.

Hiring new employees is a time and money-consuming task. It can involve putting out advertisements, reading through resumes, conducting interviews, and then once an employee is hired, providing them with the correct training. Therefore, a low employee turn over rate is very beneficial for a company. One part of that is ensuring that the workers within the company are happy- that they are given a proper workload that they can handle and not feel overworked.

If you have noticed that your company is struggling with workload management or low levels of employee motivation, partnering with a business consulting company is a great idea! With the help of a business coach, you can properly identify the problems within your company and find the correct solutions.

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