We all have demons inside us – Inner Demons

Inner Demons:

There is a saying that;

When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm.”

Inner demons 2
Inner Demons

There is no big battle outside than within yourself. Whatever comes from you is you, that reflects what you really are. Your subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind. We all know that only good physical health goes not lead well within you, it includes your mental and emotional health too.

Everyone has lots of problems and I know you too have the same. So, Just hold yourself once and breathe for a minute and think about what is the thing that makes you really stressed, once you start knowing your inner sorrow and happiness then you are the happiest and peaceful person in the whole world.

“You feel good enough because you are good enough”

When you believe in yourself, no one comes to judge you like who you are and what you can be because no one knows what you can be? Only you know, isn’t it? So, never let your inner strength break into pieces for anything or anyone. Nobody comes here for you. Only you are ready to get everything you want to be. Do not chase people or anything that is not made for you, chase yourself and history will repeat itself. Just trust yourself once and see how a miracle is going to happen around you day after day.

I always thought why we only think about our outer happiness? huh, really, I never understand. We all know our outer beauty is not going to last forever, it’s only for a limited time period. Rather what remains forever is our inner beauty, kindness, what we did, what we became; that remains beautiful and forever in every prospective. So, always flourish your inner beauty, kindness, and everything that is going to last forever in peoples heads. It is I feel really important in our entire life.


Ego is the enemy of what you are now and what you have. But kindness comes from a humble heart. We feel hatred is heavy but kindness is lighter. What you finding is inside of you. Don’t let your inner self become your enemy. Don’t let small things set your mind that you cannot do everything. Your bad habits make you lazy, fatigue, and excuses for not doing work. Life is meant not only for happiness and joy but also to struggle and hard work.

We all do mistakes and we must pay for each mistake in our life. And learn from each mistake and never forget nothing is better healer than gratitude. So, we must let our ego escape from us, it gives nothing but only negativity and unhappiness. We human being are meant to be loving and caring but not to hate others. Love yourself and feel free to give love to others.


Regret gives us so much pain. You know that regret can be a form of gratitude. Whatever your regrets are, you should act as much as what makes you great tomorrow. Regret changes people or it changes your day. It all depends on us. So, if you want to get rid of this, you should do that kind of work that you feel there is no more to regret now. We always have to learn from our regret and to make your tomorrow days more worthy than today.

At last, my humble request for you all people whoever reading this now, please be humble to yourself, be kind yourself, never make yourself sad for other reasons or people. Always do your best and good for yourself as well as other people. Always be positive and genuine.

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