Why Do We Love Cats So Much?

Kittens are immeasurably cute. If you’re having a bad day and you walk up to a kitten, I know they will be able to make you feel better. You will catch yourself smiling every now and then, because who can resist their charm? No one.

Each cat has its own distinguishing characters and personalities. They feel like tiny humans to us who own one or two cats, and we treat them as such.

When cats just want their own “me-time”, as their owner, those are the times you find yourself craving for their attention.

And you get extra excited when they do want your attention. They probably just want to use you to rub their belly or pet them, but it makes you feel good nonetheless.

Cats are natural activists, although they prefer indoors. When they’re not plainly ignoring you, or sleeping, they could just decide to knock a few things off your tables because they know they can. They would move around the house knocking things over, trying to fit through tiny spaces or even visit your laundry room for a quick “let me sit on this clothes and scare my human” activity. Whatever it is they do, we always love them for it.

There are numerous reasons as to why lots of people love having dogs around – they would always greet their owners at the door upon their return, they enjoy having their owners love and attention, and they are always happy having their owners around – which are almost similar to that of cats too. Many people think that cats don’t like hanging around with their owners in the house, but us with cats know them best. We know that they’re not as anti-social as their reputation precedes them to be.

To those of us, myself included, who own one or more cats at home, we can boldly say that we rarely ever truly feel alone. Those fluffy little things are godsend. I have gotten so attached to mine that I don’t think I could ever live without cats anymore.

Even when my cat prefers to stay on his own and refuse to engage with me – since cats don’t share physical contact with humans as much as dogs – do, just knowing that my cat is with me is enough comfort to get me through the day.

There would be times when my cat would behave in an annoying manner, and even though what he did was wrong and he deserved to be punished for it, I would still forgive him from the bottom of my heart. How could I not? Cats are the cutest when angry.

Just like any other pets, cats also feel very much like a child – even when they are older. To people who love taking care of their children, or any children, cats also feel quite similar to them in certain ways:

  • They need you constantly;
  • They need your attention and affection always and;
  • They are always happy when you care for them.

Bottom line, having a cat is a great bonus for those who love being needed and appreciated.

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