Why gratitude is so important | Ways to practice gratitude

In today’s time, life has become of two types, on one hand, those who have more wealth, on the other side there are people who are spending their life in misery.

Gratitude is a powerful and divine quality, which can change a life.

What is Gratitude?

Saying thank you to anything, person or event, or the whole universe which has helped you in any way in any work shows Gratitude.

Jay Shetty says, “Words of a friend, an act of kindness, an opportunity, a lesson, a new pillow, the recovery of a loved one, the memory of a joyous moment. When you start your day with Gratitude, all the obstacles automatically get removed and the doors of new opportunities open up. You will not be attracted towards complaint but towards creativity. You will avoid negative thoughts and you will find new avenues for your growth.”

Gratitude is good for you

There are many benefits of feeling or expressing gratitude. Many people have expressed their views on this. Mental diseases and mental disorders get away with Gratitude Feel. All that feeling of dissatisfaction with life will lost.

Research was done to measure the benefits of Gratitude. The research took two groups of people and both groups were asked to write a journal during the day.

One group was asked to write such things in their journal for which they feel grateful. The other group was asked to write down the moments of the day that made you angry. The moment that is disturbing to you.

In the evening their views were collected from both the groups one by one.

The group that was asked to write a thank-you moment was found to have lower stress levels in the evening hours.

And those who were told to write the irritating moments, the level of tension was very high in the evening time.

Scientists have suggested that whoever has thoughts running through their mind throughout the day, worries continue to haunt them, they should write those moments in the diary for which they feels thankful before sleeping at night.

Gratitude has both long-term and short-term benefits.

How to write Gratitude Journal?

Buy a diary and keep that diary by your bed always.

Every night before five minutes of sleeping write down those things for which you feel thankful.

Whether there is any benefit to this thing or not. You will know by doing it continuously for 2 weeks.

But this work has to be done regularly. There should not be any gap in between.
Doing this small exercise can change the way you live your life.

Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude has many benefits. In an article published in Positive Psychology, it has been told that Gratitude has many benefits in life.

These benefits are divided into five categories:

  1. Emotional benefits
  2. Social benefits
  3. Personality benefits
  4. Health benefits
  5. Carrier benefits

Although there are many benefits of gratitude, it has some special and benefits related to everyone’s life.

Gratitude brings happiness

We get happiness by having a feeling of gratitude towards all the things we have received from the Universe. After that, the waves of happiness start spreading in the whole universe after meeting us.

The waves of happiness mix with us and spread to the surrounding environment, making the whole universe happy with us.

Let us see a small example, when we have gone to an office, we have left our pen there and when we put our hand in our pocket, it is not available. Then we ask someone for a pen and when we say thank you to the person in reverse, not just with a dry and extinguished face, with a smiling face looking into their eyes and say thank you, then the person in front also speaks this energy and smiles in return, this is the Power of Gratitude.

Gratitude increases positive emotions

By expressing Gratitude, a kind of negative environment inside us gets destroyed and the level of positive starts increasing.

According to psychology, our emotions are of two types. First negative emotion and second positive emotion.

Anger, condemnation, jealousy, remorse are all negative emotions and on the other hand love, happiness, peace, affection, attachment, care, forgiveness are all positive emotions.

And with Gratitude, positive emotion increases in us.

Gratitude improves self-esteem

The first benefit that we get from Gratitude, is that due to being thankful, an image is formed in our mind towards ourselves. We start seeing our good as a good person.

This automatically improves our self-esteem.

People start liking us more with Gratitude

I had already been told that due to Gratitude, we are always thankful towards the people around us, due to which our image in the eyes of other people becomes good.

People start seeing us as good person. From this, it happens that someone who meets us becomes our friend and starts liking us.

Romantic relationships also become strong with Gratitude

Just as with Gratitude, people around us start liking us more. Similarly, due to Gratitude, our partner also starts liking us more. Because we keep making them feel special every moment. Due to which they will not be able to get angry with us even if they wants to.

By expressing Gratitude, the partner also remains happy and cool. Relationship experts say that every moment, appreciate your partner even for small things, always keep telling them good things about them and ignore some things. If you make some mistake, then immediately accept the mistake and say sorry.

Your Romantic Relationship will always remain evergreen.

Gratitude maintains blood pressure

As we know that one of the reasons for having blood pressure is mental stress. When there is a kind of pressure in the brain, then its mental turmoil takes the form of the body and comes out in the form of blood pressure.

A simple example is when we see snakes, lions, or are at high altitudes. At this time, even due to mental stress, the heartbeat in our body increases and blood pressure becomes high.

Gratitude calms the brain turmoil, due to which the blood pressure automatically decreases.

Well, there are many other reasons for blood pressure, but this is just one solution.

Conclusive words

According to science, psychology, and spirituality, gratitude is like medicine and it is very cheap. Which can be used by anyone. But due to lack of knowledge, people miss out on its benefits.

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