Why love is so complicated?

What is love:

Love is so complicated so keep your heart safe, it is very fragile. Some small things and incidents leave a deep impact on it. To keep a precious stone joined, a layer of gold and silver has to be given. In the same way, the layer of knowledge and wisdom keeps your heart connected with divinity. There is nothing better than divinity to keep the mind and heart clean and healthy. Then the passing time and events will not be able to touch you and will not give any wounds.

When someone expresses a lot of love, you often do not understand how to react or express gratitude to them. The ability to find true love comes from giving or sharing of love. The more focused you are, on the basis of your experience you can understand that love is not just an emotion, it is your eternal existence, no matter how much love is expressed in any form, you find yourself in it.

3 Types of love

  • Love that comes from the attraction.
  • Love that comes from pleasure and luxury.
  • Divine love.

The love we get from attraction is ephemeral because it comes from ignorance or hypnosis. In this, your attraction soon gets disturbed and you get bored. This love slowly starts to wane and brings fear, uncertainty, insecurity, and sadness.

Love that comes from pleasure and luxury brings convenience, but there is no enthusiasm, or joy in it. For example, you feel more comfortable with your old friend than a new friend because he is familiar with you.

Divine love leaves both of the above. This is evergreen and always remains new. The closer you get to it, the more attraction and depth come to it. It never gets boring and it keeps everyone excited.

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Worldly love is like the ocean, but the ocean also has its surface. Divine love is like the sky, which has no limit. Fill the high flight from the surface of the ocean to the sky. Ancient love is beyond all these relations and it includes all relations.

Why is love so complicated?

Love is so complicated because people don’t know how to accept it. Someone comes to you and says, I love you very much. And in a short while you want to close your ears and start saying, ‘stop it, it is getting too heavy for me, I want to run away from it.’

The thing is that the person starts feeling suffocated even in love. This is because we have never ventured into our own depths. We never even realized who we are. We do not know that we are made up of one such thing, whose name is love.

When we are not connected with ourselves, then it is not so natural to associate with one another. And that is why if someone wants to join you, you become so restless. Because you feel that you have not been able to meet with yourself. That is why you do not understand how to accept love.

There is an old saying “Do not put pearls in front of the Pig.” You first learn to respect love. And if the next person does not respect love, then do not try to tell him that you love him. You should also have the skill to give love. The skill of giving love means to drown in love, not just don’t try.

Love is not an act, it is your state of mind. You have to live in it unconditionally.

Love at first sight

Often people experience love at first sight. Then as time passes, it diminishes and becomes contaminated and disappears, turning into hatred. When the same love tree is formed in which the fertilizer of knowledge has been planted, then it takes the form of ancient love and lives forever. It is our self-consciousness. You are not limited by this present body, name, form, and relationships. You may not know your past and antiquity but just know that you are ancient, it is also enough.

When love is hurt, it becomes anger, when it is disturbed it becomes jealous, when it flows, it is compassion, and when it is ignited it becomes ecstatic.

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