Why social distancing is not important?

Why Social Distancing Is Not Important? As the covid19 is going on it is very important to maintain the social distance. Social distancing means the physical distance or keeping a safe distance between yourself and other people.

During this pandemic, it’s compulsory to keep social distance but in the absence of covid19, it is worthless. Social distance is a boundary wall between the people which demise the closeness among them. It reduces the love of affection between people.

Is it good to implement Social distancing forever?

If it is implementing forever, it gives a huge amount of priority to online communication. The feelings of hugs and kisses and the connection of hearts can’t be expressed in the online medium. People may slowly forget their culture, traditions & norms which they celebrate by gathering a lot of people. Most of the happy moments we get from celebrating together either i.e., Festivals, marriage, birthday, etc.

Implementing social distancing unnecessary can also increase the disturbance between every relation like friendships, classmates, officemates, etc. Just like our mate come to shake hand but suddenly we step back from them, think about the feeling how much it can hurt them.

It is very difficult to say people stay away or keep a distance from me which directly affects their relationship. So implementing social distance forever is not a good option.

Does Social distancing work?

There is evidence from the previous records, 2014 Ebola outbreak and 1918 flu pandemic as social distancing can only control the spread of viruses. It is only important during the period of the pandemic so that it can control the virus from spreading everywhere.

It is not so much executive on daily life purposes because people face a lot of problems just like company meetings are postponed and done through online meeting app, which is a little bit costly and people do not get as much as attention that they used to get through office meeting.

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