Why the IP waiver is important on COVID-19?

New variants of COVID-19 are popping up in different countries. And with this more of the people are losing their lives day by day.

In order to increase manufacturing capability and achieve vaccine equity waiving intellectual property (IP) protections on COVID-19 vaccines will be very important said WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

He further added “If we’re going to vaccinate the majority of the adults to bring hard immunity then the amount of vaccine we need will be significantly more than what we have now.

So the production capacity should increase. And that’s why IP waiver will be very important. The provision of waiving IP was meant for this condition, for emergencies. and this is unprecedented.

If we cannot use it now, when can we use it?

So, we hope the global leaders will realize this and agree to use all means at hand starting from voluntary sharing, which we have been advocating for before using all options to increase production as soon as possible and increase vaccination coverage as soon as possible.

With now especially variants popping up in many countries this is in the interest of each and every country in the world.”

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