Colin Powell Quote: 5 Characteristics Of Success!

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” – Colin Powell

Success is abundance in whatever you desire. Colin Powell attained massive levels of success in government office, military and life. He mastered his energy and used it wisely. For a young boy to grow up in Harlem and then become United States Secretary of State. Colin Powell knew how to maximize his energy.

Colin Powell could have spent his energy many different ways, but he chose a certain path and by focusing his energy he took a position only sixty-four others had ever held.

If you are reading this then you have all the energy you need to produce abundance. Here is are five characteristics of success useful in any aspect of your life. If you integrate this into your life, it absolutely will give you the results you desire.

  1. Perfection: Be perfect in your thoughts, this will translate into character and actions. Guiding your thoughts perfectly is the key to guiding the energy you have available to you. Create the habit of thinking only of your desires and focusing on your goals, this is perfect thought. Let all distractions fall by the wayside, distractions just disperse your energy!
  2. Hard Work: So if you have mastered part 1 now you will not only pour your energy into intensely hard work, but you will also be taking perfect action. You mastered your mind now your body follows. This is all energy and remember energy in equals energy out.
  3. Learning From Failure: Okay, so now you must understand no matter how perfect you are you will have failure. This is not because you did something wrong this is because when you put energy into something, it always expresses itself. If you do not get the results you want you keep putting energy in, but you change the action. You keep the perfect goal and change only the action.
  4. Loyalty: This is an uncommon characteristic. So is massive success. Do you see the correlation? What should you be loyal to? Be loyal to yourself, your goals, your thoughts, your actions, your words, and your cause. There is tremendous energy in loyalty. With loyalty energy builds. Without loyalty you vacillate like a dog running from master to master dispersing all your valuable energy and receiving no loyalty (or energy) in return. If you have no loyalty, nothing will be loyal to you. Especially not success.
  5. Persistence: Persistence and loyalty are two parts of one whole. Persistence is something you do when you are loyal to yourself. When you know that nothing matters more that being loyal to your cause you will persist. Without persistence and loyalty all is lost.

When you take part in any endeavor whether it is a business deal, a relationship, a self study program, a college course or a seemingly insurmountable goal remember only you can decide what you will do with the energy you have been given in this life. You will be the one who feels the burden or reward of how you used your energy. You were given abundant energy and if you give that energy, as it was given to you, you shall also receive more.

Integrate these five characteristics into every aspect of your life, do not waste your energy and you will live life abundantly!

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