Learn Successful Quotes for a Successful Attitude

We all desire success in our lives. Any successful person will tell you that success is a journey not a destination. The key to success is maintaining a positive attitude. Quotes are great tools for remembering what you've learned and what you're learning. They help keep you positive!

As a successful entrepreneur and a student of personal growth, I have accumulated an excellent collection of quotes. Whether I'm coaching, mentoring, masterminding, learning or journaling, I use quotes daily and often.

Quotes help keep you focused on your goals and in a positive mind set on your path to success.

Following is a selection of my favorite quotes and what they mean to me. They are from some of the great masters and mentors of personal development.

Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a Heaven for.

– Robert Browning.

Quite simply, we are capable of so much more than what we currently are. Success, health, wealth, prosperity are all well within our reach. We live on an abundant planet. We just have to decide what we want and go for it.

The only true mistake in life is one from which you learn nothing


There are no real mistakes in life, only opportunities to grow. Everyone makes mistakes. It's your choice whether you learn from them or not.

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord, "plans to prosper you not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

– Jeremiah 29:11

There is great comfort in knowing we are not alone and there is a higher power, our Creator, who desires nothing but for us to reach our fullest potential while here on this planet.

As a man thinketh, so is he. As a man chooseth, so is he.

-The Bible

The truth is, we are the total sum of all our thoughts and actions up till now.

If you're a positive thinker, you will have positive results. If you're a negative thinker, well. . .

It's a choice. Which one are you?

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.

-Earl Nightingale

Success is a journey not a destination. Life is a journey, so why not make it the best it can be. Don't settle for mediocrity when you can have excellence.

Continue to set and reset your goals. When you've reached one goal set another, bigger and better. Look back at your achievements. Celebrate your successes and keep moving forward. You are either moving forward or moving backwards.

There is no such thing as standing still. When you stand still life passes you by.

If it is to be it is up to me.

-Jim Rohn

Success is a choice. If we are not happy with our current situation we have a choice. We can choose to stay there or choose to make it better. Victim or master. We can have anything we desire. We just have to make it happen.

Let go and let God.


Success does take action, persistence and making successful choices but at some point we must have faith. God has a plan for us and that's to be the most we can be. The best way to truly help others is to reach the fullest expression of our selves.

If you want a quality, act as though you already have it.

-William James

If you want prosperity act prosperous. If you want positive results act and think in a positive way.

This can be explained by the principle of "Be, Do Have."

Most think of in terms of Have, Do, Be.

If I only had a million dollars, then I could do _ _ _ _ and be happy.

The "Be, Do, Have principle suggests that you BE the millionaire first. DO what it takes to become a millionaire. Then you can HAVE what millionaires have.

This can also be explained by the Law of Reversibility.

The Law of reversibility states: If heat causes friction, then friction produces heat.

If electricity will run a motor then a motor can produce electricity.

If doubt causes fear then fear will produce doubt.

If reaching the goal produces X emotion then X emotion will produce the goal.

Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

-Winston Churchill

Let's face it. We will all fail from time to time. We will all face adversity. It's how we face our failures, our adversities that determines who we are. The greater the resistance, the greater the reward.

Thomas Edison patented over 1000 inventions before creating the successful incandescent bulb.

Persistence can be best summed up in the story of one of Winston Churchill's most famous speeches. This speech consisted of 9 words spoken at a convocation ceremony of a prestigious military academy in the United States.

His words were "Never give up! NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER GIVE UP!"

He then walked slowly and deliberately out of the building.

The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it's conformity.

-Earl Nightingale

There is nothing wrong with following the leader. It's when we follow the follower that prevents growth. Any good leader will tell you that. If you want to be a good leader, hang out with other leaders. If you want ton be a millionaire, hang out with other millionaires.

You can't be a winner and be afraid to lose.

-Charles Lynch

There is no if in adversity, only when. You must be willing to take risks in order to succeed. Some will be good risks some not so good. The only way to know is to try.

I don't care what other people think of me. I care what I think of me.

-Bob Proctor

Be authentic and genuine. Treat people like they are important. They are!

Live to serve. Be the best you can be. If people don't like you, that's their problem! The truth is that successful people do the things that unsuccessful people don't like to do. Some people might be uncomfortable with your success because they are uncomfortable with themselves or their lack of success.

You can't focus on where you're going if you're focused on where you're at. -Dean Pierno

Focus on the goal not on the hole.

-Dean Pierno

Don't let your past determine your future. Stay focused on your goals and not on what's lacking. The past is gone. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Focus on what you desire and where you are headed. Know that you will get there. You don't need to know how just that you will.

The law of polarity tells us that every positive has a negative. Every up has a down. Every good has a bad.

Use these quotes daily on your journey to success. Use them as a reminder of where you headed and the journey you are on. Remember to keep a positive attitude. If you're stuck in the negative, recite a quote to help you get back on track. We've all been there. Keep in mind that the masters that wrote these quotes have been there too. That's why these quotes exist!

One last quote. . .

He who stand on toilet, high on pot!

That's just plain funny!

To your success!

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