Success and Failure – Two Sides of a Coin

Each one of us wants to live more fulfilling and happy life. Most often, we read many articles, books and quotes explaining the recipe to become successful. Although the words incorporated in them are so motivating most of the times, they fail in making any impact on our lives. Moreover, why it is so? The answer to this question is another question. Yes, do we really observe the depth of the words? No, what we do is we just scan another bunch of words seeking for success.

One such quote I came across says, “If you really want to succeed in life, form the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.”we cannot judge any person by merely looking at him. However, we daily come across three types of people in our life. The one who are satisfied and famous, second who are unsatisfied and deprived and the third, who try to do something new every day, fails in achieving it by end of the day and then make a try again in a different way. What will you rate these three type of persons? Let me guess, the first one is a successful person and other two are failures. Here it is where we make a big mistake.

  • People who are preserving their possessions by the fear of losing it and showing that they are thoroughly satisfied and enjoying life are failure.
  • In addition, the persons who see the past, have excuses and wishes but do not have guts to make it happen are the failures.

Here is where we find the answer to the quote above. The only thing, which failures do not like to do, is to make a TRY. Trials play the flip part of the coin, the coin of life. Trials may be tragedy or triumphs, but one good thing you can assure about it is, you will learn something from it, if it works, be happy and keep going with your experience because, triumphs don’t come without efforts; and if it don’t then stop yourself from repeating the same mistake, try to analyze where you’re going wrong.

Most successful people have never searched for success actually, in fact, they are the busiest people around us because they just did things, which they loved to do and believed that they can do, and in doing so, they made many mistakes and came across many failures. However, the only different thing they did from others was, they tried to learn from their mistakes and avoided repeating it. That is the best quality of a successful person.

If you want to be successful, you need to learn how to turn your negatives into positive.

  • Your failures are the opportunity to begin again. You may find many obstacles that will set you back and disappoint you but, you need to overcome it and move on.
  • You need to keep your eye on what you want and not the other way round. Failures are just the events and never a person, until he quits or give up, you need to persist your aim until you have satisfaction of doing your job well and you attain your ultimate objective.


Believe in your potential, try to do things in a different way, don’t fear of making mistakes, increase your failure rate learn from them and keep going because success and failure are two sides of a coin. Always remember: Every success story is also a story of great failures.

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